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Prince of Thorns by Mark  Lawrence
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it was amazing
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Read 3 times. Last read October 8, 2014 to October 15, 2014.

April 2016:

I swallowed darkness, and darkness swallowed me.*

My second read through, and I'm still amazed at this book. The writing, the characters, the plot, the story. All of it amazes me, and, just as I was in my first review, I am completely baffled that this is Mark's first book. (I think I can call him Mark now after reading all of his books.) It certainly doesn't read like one, and each one of his books gets better when you read it.

I mean, this book has everything. Violence, gore, battle scenes that aren't boring, mind games, magic, revenge, hilarious lines, no romance. For those who chose not to read this because of subject matter -- i.e. the rape scene within the first ten pages -- it's not bad. I'm a person who cannot read books about rape. It bothers me and I can't do it for my own mental health. Any rape that is mentioned is not in detail whatsoever. It's just mentioned in passing. I'll put in the spoilers some more about the later books. (view spoiler)

"You bring death, Prince of Ancrath."

The majority of this review will be devoted to Jorg. My lovely, evil little baby. My fourteen year old child who is a killer and rapist and doesn't care what you think about him. I definitely don't think that Ancrath sounds a lot like arachnid. Kat Stark, while her opinion is vastly different than my own, gives a great description about how I felt about Jorg. Oh, I hate him. I don't like the things he does and I am glad that I don't, otherwise I'd be terrified of myself, about as much as if I loved Patrick Bateman off American Psycho.

I still love him. He is deliciously evil, and completely refreshing from the anti-heroes these days that are forever in conflict with their slight evilness. I mean, get over yourself. Accept that you have some darkness in you and move the fuck on with your life. Jorg, he accepts himself. And self-acceptance is a great thing. He accepts himself as the murderer and rapist that he is.

He is the definition of chaotic evil. I had to look it up to make sure I wasn't thinking some other sort of evil -- you know, chaotic, neutral, or lawful evil -- but I was right. He is completely chaotic evil and I love him more for it. He always has a plan, even if it doesn't seem that he does.

I can't think of anything else to say besides give it a try. If it's not your cup of tea, try Prince of Fools. There is no rape that I can think of, and Jalan's a lot lighter. It's a very light series thus far, at least compared to this one. And, I'll leave you with some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"You've been royally fucked."

"The weakest spot in a good defence is designed to fail. It falls, but in falling it summons the next defence and so on. It's all about layers. At the end of it all you'll find yourself facing the thing you sought to avoid all along, only now you're weaker, and it's forewarned."

"We've got Alain. A hostage or a corpse. They don't know which."

"He looks dead to me," Makin said.

"Broke his neck, I think. But that's not the point."

I like mountains, always have done. Big obstinate bits of rock sticking up where they're not wanted and getting in folk's way. Great. Climbing up them is a different matter altogether though. I hate that.

"What in feck's name was the point of stealing a horse if I have to drag the damn thing up the slightest incline we meet?"

"To be fair, Prince, this is more by way of a cliff," Makin said.

"I blame Sir Alain for owning a deficient horse. I should have kept the nag I came in on. [...] I'm going to have to see Baron Kennik about that boy of his one day."

*Do you know how hard it is picking quotes for this book? Because it's hard. There are so many good ones to choose from, and it's so hard to.

**First part of that one is, admittedly, a great way to describe Jorg.

October 2014:


Honestly, the most I want to comment about are Jorg himself and the fact that this is a debut novel. I think the latter surprises me the most. Seriously? This is the first novel for Lawrence? That's crazy to me with how tight the book is and the characters. Perfect segue for me to talk about Jorg. From loads of reviews, I know that people mainly dislike him for being a rapist. Jorg isn't supposed to be a character you want to like. That's the point of an anti-hero. Even if I don't care for him like that, he is fascinating because he's a wild card: You just have no clue what he's going to decide to do next or what he's lied about to your face already.
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Mark  Lawrence
“Memories are dangerous things. You turn them over and over, until you know every touch and corner, but still you'll find an edge to cut you.”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

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Angelique  Holmberg I bought this book based on your review. If I hate it, it's your fault for making me read a book I don't like. ;)

Caidyn (he/him/his) Angelique wrote: "I bought this book based on your review. If I hate it, it's your fault for making me read a book I don't like. ;)"

I'm fine with taking that blame, but I hope you love it!

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