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Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
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Dec 19, 2007

it was ok

Out of all of the Terry Goodkind books I've ever read, this is the best. It was mildly entertaining and I managed to finish it. Other than that.. eh..

I'm just not a fan. I figured out how the book would end as soon as "wizard's first rule" entered into the plot.

Also -- about the romance -- NOT buying it. He carefully explained all of the rituals he went through to deepen his devotion, but I didn't feel much of anything except for some brief physical attraction in about the middle of the book. The romance just seemed over inflated -- and only to make the trick ending work.

I didn't like the prophesies in the book either. It was only mildly ridiculous in the first book, but I laughed out loud and quit reading the second book after 3 or 4 chapters because of this.

I try to be fair because I am very critical of how most authors use prophesy. But Goodkind's almost reads like a bad parody of a prophesy book. It seemed that every few minutes, prophets were discovering new things that the characters were going to do in about a week or so.

"I broke a shoelace! The prophecy spoke of this event!"

"There is a new prophesy! I shall break another shoelace by the end of the week!"

BLEAH!!! Seriously, it was like Richard had a constant "weather report" of what was going to happen in the near future and it was updating all the time. There was almost no metaphor or cryptic sense to the prophesies either -- they pretty much told him everything except for what kind of jam he was going to have on his toast.
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