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Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz
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Sep 23, 2014

liked it

Are smallmen leprechauns? At first, I thought they were just little people and found it kind of weird that they were presented another magical creature. Like the marked people, they are persecuted, killed, and sold into slavery because they're small.

...as for Frozen, I actually liked most of the book even though there were a lot of issues here. The world building is horrible, so don't expect to understand the world or creatures that the authors created. Normally, this would be annoying, especially since a lot of magical creatures get thrown around for no real purpose other than being magical. But I still liked it. The writing was smooth and since this is the first book in a series, I'm willing to forgive it for not telling me everything.

There was one thing they mentioned that I found weird. People need to go and register their names if they want to have sex with someone. To get a hotel room is a long process and everything is checked meticulously. This seems weird. I think it was the authors ways of not having sex in the book and provide a reason why this can't happen, but I don't think people would go through with this if they really wanted it.

It doesn't really make sense, but a lot of things don't so...

The characters were okay. I didn't really have any feelings for them. They were there and that's pretty much it. The character I was most interesting in learning about was the voice in Nat's head, but for some reason she shows up in the beginning and then doesn't come back. Nat does mention that the moment she went on the journey the voice stopped talking to her, but I still wanted her to show up here and there. For someone who has been bugging Nat all of her life, you can't just stop like that.

Like the magical animals that popped out here and there, the voice did seem like a wasted plot point that was quickly discarded once it served its purpose.

As for the romance, it is insta-love, lust? Seems more like lust instead of love, but whatever. Nat and Ryan both feel like the other is different and can't stop thinking about them. Ryan wants to protect Nat and Nat wants to jump Ryan's bones. They flirt, they talk, and they think about the other person. Even though they think about each other a lot, the romance is played down here. In that sense I am thankful.

Overall: This should be a book that I don't like, but I did enjoy it. I'm hoping the world is explained more in the next book though. Since this is a series, I was a lot more forgiving here because of the potential it has to be a fun story.

The writing, even with the occasional mistake here and there, was smooth and easy to get through. And even though I don't really understand this world, I still want to know more about it.

This is definitely not a book for everyone, but I enjoyed my time reading it.

But seriously though, are smallmen leprechauns though? What other small human-like magical creature are there? Hobgoblins? Brownies?
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September 23, 2014 –
0.0% "All I see is bad reviews when I scroll down the book page. The good thing is that this lowered my expectation, so I might end up liking this. The bad news is that the reviewers mentioned things that would annoy me too. Let's see how this one turns out."
September 24, 2014 –
7.0% "So far so good. I'm curious about the world that the authors created and I'm also wondering why there are no adults around."
September 26, 2014 –
45.0% "I'm kind of liking this so far. I still want to know more about the world and where the adults are. Not sure of they mentioned the last point yet. I'm a bit loopy since I'm sick so I might have missed the reason why there are no adults and kids do everything."
September 28, 2014 –
60.0% "Still enjoying this, but the world building kinda sucks here. Animals appear and they're not fully explained. I'm not sure how the world is or how cold everything is meant to be. Hope more of it is explained....that and Nat's power. What happened to the overbearing voice in her head? Seems like once it served its purpose, we never heard from it again. Despite this, I'm still enjoying it."
September 28, 2014 –
100.0% "The world building never got better and the last part of the book had a power-up that while predictable, still felt like it came out of nowhere. Granted, all of the power-ups felt that way, but this one was a bit too much for me. \n \n I did enjoy most of the book though, so I'll be reading the next novel. Hopefully more of the world is explained and things start to make more sense though."
September 28, 2014 – Finished Reading

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