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Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
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Jun 06, 2010

it was amazing
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Red Storm Rising
1986 by Putnam Adult
Hardcover,656 pages

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy is an action-packed thriller about the outcome of a possible World War 3 between USSR+Allies and the US+NATO. Even though this book is incredibly long, the plot of the book is so realistic and so close to home that you can't stop reading it. The Cold War was the real deal. One mistake could've trigered a nuclear war between the 2 Superpowers and eventually the end of the world. However, in this book Tom Clancy removes the use of nuclear weapons and focuses on deadly weapons and technology that were available during the 1980's.
The simple reason why WW3 took place was decreasing oil production in the USSR due to Islamic terrorism in the middle East. The Russians had two choices: either negoitiate with the West for a new oil supply or invade and capture other oil fields in the Persian Gulf. The USSR took the second option and then used multiple cover-ups to delay a NATO response to war by setting up a fake explosion in Moscow and blaming it on West Germany. Despite this, Nato and the US are not fooled and make their stand in the West German front. After a long and dissapointing war for the USSR, The US and Nato regain all their lost territories and end the war with a cease-fire.
The reason why this book is so realistic is that it mimicks US-USSR actions before the 80's. These 2 Superpowers did not want a nuclear war and they carefully took precautionary measures to avoid it, so why would there be a nuclear war in this book. Another realistic theme mentioned in this book is oil. The world runs on oil and Superpowers like the US and USSR will go to extreme measures to supply their country with it. For Ex: THe Persian Gulf War and the Iraq war.
If you're a Tom Clancy fan or any fan of a possible fan of a possible WW3 book then this book is right for you. The main point of the book is that war resolves nothing and that it just leads to hurt pride and ambition for more war. Even if you're not a good book analyst you can see that the war left the world in destruction and that no one gained anything. In conclusion, this book is very readable and interesting.

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