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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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Jun 06, 2010

really liked it
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Read in December, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Warning: This review is purely written with emotion. A more objective one will come soon. Maybe.

Adrian. Adrian. Adrian.

Adrian needs Rose. He needs her so badly.

He looked back down at me. ʺWhen I drink . . . I donʹt worry about it. I donʹt worry about going crazy. But then I think . . . maybe I already I am. Maybe I am, but no one can tell the difference when Iʹm drunk.ʺ

ʺYouʹre not crazy,ʺ I said fiercely, pulling him to me. I loved his warmth and the way he felt against my skin. ʺYouʹll be okay. Youʹre strong.ʺ

He pressed his cheek to my forehead. ʺI donʹt know,ʺ he said. ʺI think youʹre my strength.ʺ

What a sweet moment. Yeah, I understand Rose's opinion tough.

I knew you could help someone else in a relationship. You could strengthen them and support them. But you couldnʹt actually do everything for them.

But, well... can you please just be someone's strength? What's wrong with that? Does that make you a bad person?

And please help me, Rose cheated on Adrian. CHEATING. DISHONEST. CORRUPT. Whatever words, terms, or condition, it just comes bad. Doesn't mind it's your soulmate or the right person or anything. It's just wrong.

ʺI loved you!ʺ he yelled. He jumped up out of his chair so quickly I never saw it coming. ʺI loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up. You might as well have staked me!ʺ The change in his features also caught me by surprise. His voice filled the room. So much grief, so much anger. So unlike the usual Adrian. He strode toward me, hand clasped over his chest. ʺI. Loved. You. And you used me the whole time.ʺ

Come on, Rose. Just accept it. You use Adrian the whole time.

ʺVictim,ʺ I said slowly. ʺThatʹs the difference between you and me. You said you were a victim. Thatʹs why . . . thatʹs why ultimately, you and I arenʹt matched for each other. In spite of everything thatʹs
happened, Iʹve never thought of myself that way. Being a victim means youʹre powerless. That you wonʹt take action. Always . . . always Iʹve done something to fight for myself . . . for others. No matter what.ʺ

Iʹd never seen such outrage on Adrianʹs face. ʺThatʹs what you think of me? That Iʹm lazy? Powerless?ʺ Not exactly. But I had a feeling that after this conversation, he would run off to the comfort of his cigarettes and alcohol and maybe whatever female company he could find.

ʺNo,ʺ I said. ʺI think youʹre amazing. I think youʹre strong. But I donʹt think youʹve realized it—or learned how to use any of that.ʺ And, I wanted to add, I wasnʹt the person who could inspire that in him.
ʺThis,ʺ he said, moving toward the door, ʺwas the last thing I expected. You destroy my life and then feed me inspirational philosophy.ʺ

I felt horrible, and it was one of those moments where I wished my mouth wouldnʹt just blurt out the first thing on my mind. Iʹd learned a lot of control—but not quite enough. ʺIʹm just telling you the truth. Youʹre better than this . . . better than whatever it is youʹre going to do now.ʺ

Adrian rested his hand on the doorknob and gave me a rueful look. ʺRose, Iʹm an addict with no work ethic whoʹs likely going to go insane. Iʹm not like you. Iʹm not a superhero.ʺ

ʺNot yet,ʺ I said.

He scoffed, shook his head, and opened the door. Just before leaving, he gave me one more backward glance. ʺThe contractʹs null and void, by the way.ʺ

I felt like Iʹd been slapped in the face. And in one of those rare moments, Rose Hathaway was rendered speechless. I had no witty quips, no elaborate explanations, and no profound insight. Adrian left, and I wondered if Iʹd ever see him again.

I understand, really. I understand what Rose mean. Adrian sometimes has weak points. And what are you doing, Rose? Just pointing them out for him, and hoping some other girl come and help Adrian with her problems, while you're playing happily-ever-after with Dimitri?

I'm afraid Adrian may gone with something bad, since he still has the bad effects of spirit. And in the condition that Adrian needs her so much, she just walks off, leaving Adrian all alone. It would be much better if Rose didn't end with dimitri. Soulmate or whatever, when some other guy needs you so bad, will you still have the luxury to choose? To abandon him and just go with the love of your life?

Adrian needs help, and I'm devestated because the one he wants so badly to help him doesn't care that much to help.

It takes a month and half to make me sane after reading this book, so here's the more objective one I promise:

Last, but not least.

Let me explain these words for you. In a way, it’s really the last sacrifice for one of characters in Vampire Academy series. But for other characters, this is just a prologue of another wonderful series by Richelle Mead. I won’t tell you who they are, so if you haven’t known it yet, I urge you to go to the bookstore and buy this book. Because this book is simply amazing.

Rose Hathaway, our favorite heroine, is in big trouble. She was accused of a murder, where Queen Tatiana is the poor victim. Someone must have behind all of this. The question is who is the person?

Be careful, Readers. The murderer might be closer than you think, and prefer.

Lissa Dragomir is not very lucky too. The terrible situation puts her as one of the candidates of Queen Chair. Lissa has to learn things fast, and alone, since her bestfriend Rose is away with her own mission, finding Lissa’s stepbrother, or stepsister…

In this book, Rose experiences many difficult and tiring situation, and I think she handles it quiet well. I admit that some of her decisions are not preferable for me, but I guess it might be the best for everyone. Rose is still one of my favorite heroines, with her aggressive-yet-brave acts, and her witty comments.

You can’t help but tearing through the pages. And luckily, Richelle Mead decided to make another series based on the characters of Vampire Academy. I can hardly wait to read Bloodlines!

Especially to meet my favorites character ever, the spirit user Adrian Ivashkov there. :)

I tugged gently on his arm. “It’s over. You’ve done enough.”

“It’s never enough, Roza,” he whispered. The grief in his voice killed me. “It’ll never be enough.”

“It is for now,” I said. I pulled him to me. Unresisting, he let go of his stake and buried his face against my shoulder. I dropped my stake as well and embraced him, drawing him closer. He wrapped his arms around me in return, seeking the contact of another living being, the contact I’d long known he needed.

“You’re the only one.” He clung more tightly to me. “The only one who understands. The only one who saw how I was. I could never explain it to anyone . . . you’re the only one. The only one I can tell this to . . .”

I closed my eyes for a moment, overpowered by what he was saying. He might have sworn allegiance to Lissa, but that didn’t mean he’d fully revealed his heart to her. For so long, he and I had been in perfect sync, always understanding each other. That was still the case, no matter if we were together, no matter if I was with Adrian. Dimitri had always kept his heart and feelings guarded until meeting me. I thought he’d locked them back up, but apparently, he still trusted me enough to reveal what was killing him inside. I opened my eyes and met his dark, earnest gaze. “It’s okay,” I said. “It’s okay now. I’m here. I’ll always be here for you.”

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Hilda Doesn't come as good as I expected, but love it still! :)

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Sun great review! I love Adrian too hehe. Too bad he doesn't end with Rose :(

Hilda Thanks! I really regret it too :(

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