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The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
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Jun 04, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** I was in a mood for a lighter, easy-to-get-into novel, and so I went to the guaranteed staple of Nicholas Sparks. I had received this book as a gift a few years ago, and I hadn't gotten around to reading it. Having taken a multi-year hiatus from Sparks's novels, it was fun to come back to his writing.

Without a doubt, there's a reason Sparks is a best-selling author. He does a fabulous job of developing characters you can't help but like and care about. I liked the element of mystery Sparks set at the beginning of the novel, and the unraveling of the love story between the two main characters.

However, about 2/3 of the way into the book, when the mystery mentioned at the beginning is revealed, I was left a bit unsatisfied. I thought the storyline was very thought-provoking: Given your soulmate is on life support, do you or don't you pull the plug when there's no sign of hope? Perhaps I found it hard to have faith that she would come out of her coma like she did. I also would have loved to have known how she truly thought about him disobeying her wishes. Did she feel grateful to be able to live a life with their family, or was she angry that her wish wasn't granted? I would have liked to see that developed a bit more.

I guess the part that concerned me the most about the book was whether or not it sends a false sense of hope to readers. Like I imagine many readers did upon finishing this novel, I had a conversation with my significant other about the "what if?' scenario these two discussed. Do miracles like this really happen enough to instill such hope? Or, is this fictional story one of those rarities everyone hopes for? And, is holding on that hope healthy or destructive?

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