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Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper
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** spoiler alert ** You know what one of the least attractive traits in a heroine is? Being a doormat. I don't think it's cute to read about someone being too much of a coward to ever stand up for herself. Oh no! I can't stand up for myself. What if they don't like me anymore? Then they won't hang out with me and take advantage of my spineless nature! Her definition of family, friendship, and boyfriend leave a lot to be desired. I think the author was going for "cute and zany", but Jane just came off as really pathetic.

In the last book I wasn't that impressed with Zeb. He didn't accept Jane very well (he tried to kill her) but I figured their friendship might be a work in progress while they both adjust to Jane's new vampire status. Nope. He goes from irritating in the last book to an outright ass in this one. Yes, I know that there turns out to be an explanation for his behavior. I get that. That wasn't my problem. What bothered me so much, was that while he was acting like an ass - trying to make moves on Jane, calling Jolene, his fiance, dumb in front of her whole family, etc - no one called him on it! Isn't that what friends do? They give someone a reality check when they start acting like a fool. No one said anything because of course it's just wedding nerves! I'm sorry, but if most marriages started with "wedding nerves" that cause the groom to tell the bride it's a good thing she's cute, because she sure is dumb, there wouldn't be that many marriages. Added to that, he said that at their engagement party in front of her whole family! How is that ok???

Jane's family gets worse every time I have to read about them. I do not think it's cute that Jane, who is almost thirty, still acts like a child around her family. Her grandma hates her, her mom's rules her life, and her sister steals from her and tries to have her killed. But Jane's okay with it, because it's family. Bad family is not better than no family. Why exactly does she stay around her hateful relatives? Move on. Why would you ever think warm thoughts toward someone who expects you to make up with the sister who tried to have you killed? Why do you constantly let everyone walk all over you??? Ugh! You drive me insane Jane!

You know how a lot people hate reading about 18-19 year old heroines because they feel too young and immature? You know what's worse than that? A nearly 30 year old woman who is still tied to her mother's apron strings. That's sad, not cute.

I think what bothered me most about this book was Gabriel. Now, I don't find him interesting on the best day, but in this book he's even worse. He keeps leaving town on short notice and not answering Jane's call while he's gone. He won't tell her what's going on, and he isn't staying in the places he's said he'd be. Instead of having some respect for herself and questioning Gabriel, Jane just hides her questions and has lots of sex with him while he's in town. She thinks he's cheating on her, she knows a woman is involved, but she's more than happy to give it up while he's here. Pathetic. At one point he asks for more time before he has to tell the truth and she thinks well, he loves me...I owe him something. What kind of attitude is that? You don't owe anyone jack for loving you. He owes you respect if he professes to love you.

I wish Adam wouldn't have conveniently turned clingy and crazy. (Very subtle way to make sure Jane gives up her dreams of human Adam and settles for vampire Gabriel. I barely even noticed! Not.) He seemed like a nice guy, and I liked him a lot better than Gabriel. Until the crazy thing of course...
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message 1: by AH (new)

AH Great review, Catherine.

message 2: by Katyana (new)

Katyana Great review! I am really glad you read this, so you can steer me away. ;) The series has caught my attention the last couple times I have gone trawling through the bookstore, and I figured I would pick it up eventually. But no more!

Because what you are describing - a cowardly, immature, doormat of a heroine - has become my biggest pet peeve in UF/PNR. I would be positively tearing my hair out. So thanks for the heads up!

message 3: by AH (new)

AH I totally agree....hate doormat heroines.

Catherine Katyana wrote: "Because what you are describing - a cowardly, immature, doormat of a heroine - has become my biggest pet peeve in UF/PNR. I would be positively tearing my hair out. So thanks for the heads up! "

I've noticed that too. How is that even slightly appealing in a heroine? I think it was supposed to be cute and endearing, but it wasn't. It was just pathetic.

message 5: by T (new) - rated it 2 stars

T C Agree with every word! Saved me from writing a full review- I would only add that this whole book serves as a teaser for the next one (which I don't plan on reading). That's why the drama with Gabriel isnt resolved and the only real mysteryies were clear to readers the momemt they appeared, leaving the book time to try and inthrall you in Jane's love life issues, and dailing to do so just pissing readers like me off.

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