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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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God, so that's how the Black Dagger Brotherhood series starts out, huh? I am so bummed that I didn't start with this one. It only makes sense to read the series in order but at the time, I only had the sixth and seventh book on hand. Nevertheless, Dark Lover is as solid as ever.

Wrath, my man. This dude is so fucking hot, it's insane. He's so arrogant and aggressive. He's possesive and passionate. He's the best King in my mind. And Beth, where do I even start with her? She is so strong, even from the very beginning. I love how she is able to keep her man in place.

But most of all, I think the highlight of this book is Butch. Brian O'Neal is just so funny when he's around Marissa. I cannot wait to read his book, Lover Revealed. Also, the chemisty with the rest of the brothers is awesome too. Their dialogue and endless banter just livens up the darkness and is refreshing and fun.

Bottom line? Damn, I love this series. It's to die for.

Favourite Quote:
She tilted her head, considering him. There was something she couldn't decipher in his tone. An achy pitch.
He dug his hand into his thick, dark hair. "And I'm going to shut up now. before I make you feel even more uncomfortable."
His eyes stayed on her face.
They were really nice eyes, she thought. So warm. And they held a lonely yearning as he looked at her. As if he couldn't have something he wanted.
She knew all about that.
The human laughed, a burst of sound that came from deep inside his chest. "And how 'bout I try not to stare? That'd be good." He crammed his hands in the pockets of his pants and focused on the door. "Look at me. Not staring. Not staring at all. Hey, this is a nice rug. Have you noticed it before?"
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12/26/2010 "I can't wait any longer for this reread! I need my Brother fix!!!"
12/27/2010 page 4
1.0% "You know you're addicted when someone asks you to recite the Seven Deadly Sins and you start ticking them off by saying, "Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist..."

God know those men are deadly AND sinful." 9 comments
12/28/2010 page 50
13.0% "Reading this series reminds me of why I love to read PNR!" 6 comments
02/12/2012 page 80
20.0% "I will NEVER get tired of this series."
02/12/2012 page 118
30.0% ""Hard-ass asking her out? Again?" I LOVE BUTCH!" 9 comments
02/13/2012 page 239
61.0% ""You want me," she said. "And I want you to take me.""
02/13/2012 page 295
75.0% "I'm falling in love all over again <3" 10 comments
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SATIN SUE    same here ethan was a dick... but catcher, he is yummy...

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Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) That thing he does with his tongue! LOL!

Try them out. Dreamfever is part of the Fever series. It's UF. Love in the Afternoon is a historical romance.

SATIN SUE    lol, i love the way they tell ya what he looks like in this book...

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