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The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
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Jun 03, 2010

really liked it
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Admittedly, this one took a while to get into because a friend let me borrow her large print edition. It felt like a remedial reader and had a slow pace, having to flip pages after nearly every paragraph. Now, having stated that I didn’t like the version I was reading, I actually really enjoyed the story. The pompous, erratic, meddling—although well meaning-- main character reminded me of Jane Austen’s beloved “Emma” (although I’ve only seen the movie and not read the book).

The author should be praised for her research on the Victorian Era. The use of historically appropriate colloquial phrasing and obscure vocabulary was impressive although sometimes lost on my modern mind. However, uncommon wording which was often repeated within the same context became somewhat redundant. (How many times must we hear a certain character referred to as "odious"?) Although lengthy, descriptive sentences are common among Victorian novels, this edition had continual run-on sentences that left me begging for the use of periods and semi-colons. This edition also had such obtrusive editing oversights such as misspelling a main character’s name (i.e. Rivenball when it should have been Rivenhall) and lack of capitalization at the beginning of a sentence.

Do not mistake my overly critical assessment for contempt. On the contrary, as stated earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the tale whose engaging charm compensated for its stated vices. Although the ending was a bit predictable, the means of getting there certainly were not. I love a story that keeps me guessing! Additionally, the author masterfully dances around the characters’ emotions allowing the reader to surmise who is in love with whom. And the main character’s continual unexpected behavior created an engaging storyline—even if she was a bit “over-the-top.” Overall, quite a delightful read!

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Melissa colloquial? ... you and Allison Southwell are the ONLY two people I know that use that word. You two make me feel like I need a dictionary on hand should we engage in a conversation. ;)

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Too funny! That's the way I feel around Allison. (I do have a pocket dictionary I keep in the car. Maybe I should slip it into my purse to always have it on hand!)

Feathzzz This novel's set in the Regency era...

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