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Jun 01, 2010

it was amazing
Read in May, 2004

The problem with the Book of Mormon isn't the book, it's the reader. Generally I'll pick up a book, read it, and then formulate my opinions. However, no one picks up the Book of Mormon without knowing what it is to some degree. There are two types of readers of the Book of Mormon. Those who have already decided if it true or not, and the few that are willing to accept either answer they find. And the funny thing is that all readers will get out what they started with. The sceptic will find support for his condemnation of the book, the believer will find greater faith, and the honest seeker will find the truth.
As much as most of us like to believe that we fall into the camp of honest-seekrs, most of us usally already have our minds made up. To be an honest-seeker of truth one must be open to new ideas, diligent in study and thought, and completly willing to change their life in acordance with the truth they find. Most of us don't like the idea of change, so we get out of the Book of Mormon what we need to support our initial claim, truth or lies.
So the question becomes, is it more important to know the truth or to stick with your comfortable view of reality. It is amazing to see how far people will go in thought and action to defend their little bubble of existance. It is the opition of this reader, that the truth will always bring greater happiness than any make-believe world we create for ourselves. "The truth shall set you free".
This book is true. But more than that, anyone who wants to know can find that out as well. All truth about the world around us comes from God. If we ask him, he will let us know. God can't lie to us, we can only lie to ourselves.
This book has the power to change lives. And mine has only gotten better ever since I read it.
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