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Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
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Do you like Game of Thrones and wish for a YA-version? Well, my friends, look no further:

• Unexpected killings of significant characters?
• Multiple POV’s (including possible villains) taking place in different kingdoms with royalty, assassins, and other worldly creatures/shifters
• Heavy world-building
• Feuding kingdoms
• Even a brother-sister romance though that is a bit less Cersei-Jamie, a bit more Clary-Jace if you know what I mean=)

Is this book perfect? Well, honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the main characters (blegh, Cleo), or the side characters (farmer boy), but there are other characters that make up for them: MAGNUS, MAGNUS, MAGNUS.


I give you the cold-hearted prince that has the makings of a really hot, badass villain:

“Then his heart, now broken into a thousand pieces, slowly began to turn to ice.”

Magnus made the book for me. I need at least one character/romance to be invested in to enjoy a tale –no matter how exciting or kickass the characters may be- and he fulfilled that quota instantly. He’s dark, broody, sarcastic, untrusting, arrogant, aloof, dresses in all black and loves to drop sentences like this: “Weak things are so easy to break” >> ummm, well I may be a bit biased since he is basically Darren (from my First Year series: “Never trust a wolf, because the only thing the wolf will ever want to do is break you” >> SEE WHAT I MEAN?). Clearly I have an affinity for badass, dark princes who have a weakness for only one thing and that is the girl they love… who also may accidentally turn him to the dark side if she betrays him… Oh snap, you didn’t hear me say that. I’m just saying, lots of coincidences to D-R which is fine by me ‘cause y’all know I love me some villainous princes.


But honestly Magnus was just part of the reason I loved this book. Falling Kingdoms was incredibly fast-paced, and while there was a lot of world-building, it didn’t have too many details to slow me down. The action was constant and there was never a boring chapter. I thought for a moment I would hate it after the incredibly fast build up to instalove between my two least favorite characters (Cleo & her knight protector guy) but Morgan nipped that right in the bud and it was just badass the way she did it (never saw that coming!). There was so much action and drama and history that this book just flew by for me, and the crazy thing is when I finished I couldn’t believe I had only read one book –now I can’t wait to start the next (As well as A Book of Spirits and Thieves which I won at a book convention) because I want to know what happens. Just like Game of Thrones, this author is not promising us safety for any of the favorites –even a romance doesn’t save them! I can’t believe it took me so long to pick up this series.

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September 10, 2014 – Shelved as: to-read
April 27, 2016 – Started Reading
April 27, 2016 –
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0.24% "I have heard great things about Magnus Damora.... so excited to start this tonight!!!"
April 27, 2016 –
page 107
25.97% "It wasn't a memory issue, it was a lack of caring issue. He remembered the names of people who interested him or who served a purpose in his life........ >> bhahaha, my type of character I have loved Magnus since his first intro. That said, I do agree with Meg there is A LOT of show versus tell world building in here, a bit too much for me, and I'm not as invested in every character but I am enjoying so far:)"
April 27, 2016 –
page 107
25.97% "also, he reminds me of Darren. literally a couple pages later he says "weak things are so very easy to break." >> how can I not love Magnus?"
April 28, 2016 –
page 189
45.87% "well, that secret came out faster than expected. wonder how soon until he tells her?"
April 29, 2016 –
page 310
75.24% "So much has happened in this book and it honestly doesn't even feel that long. Curious to see what happens in the sequels because this really feels like a YA Game of Thrones (The first YA fantasy book I actually think deserves the title as so many claim to be the next "so and so" and this really does have a lot of similarities) =D"
May 1, 2016 – Finished Reading
January 2, 2018 – Shelved as: br

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Lazybee Magnus is like prince Zuko.

Rachel E. Carter Lazybee wrote: "Magnus is like prince Zuko."

what book is Zuko in????

message 3: by David (new) - added it

David Maldonado Omg Magnus IS like Prince Zuko lol. He's from the tv show Avatar the Last Airbender. Basically a misunderstood Prince, who is mean but has lost his way. A softy deep down.

WinterRose I just saw the words "Prince Zuko" and had to comment. ZUKO IS MY FAVORITE. <3

Marija I love Magnus and Zuko too and I want to continue this series just because of Magnus

WinterRose Maybe I should give this one a shot. I've had several people rec it to me now.

BookOwl BookOwl I agree,

BookOwl BookOwl Magnus made the book great! Love him.

Rachel E. Carter apparently I need to google Zuko now @LazyBee @Marija @Halima @David:))) Maybe I can find some clips on Youtube! The hot brooding princes are my weakness (clearly) <3

@WinterRose, I put off this book for awhile because I'm not a big multiple POV fan, but honestly there was no need. It was great, and I heard the first book is the weakest so the fact I loved first means only even better things to come!

@Karona, I completely understand why!!!

WinterRose Ohh you should watch the show Zuko is on. I thought it was just this kiddie show at first but it's actually amazing. I don't like multiple POV either and if you like it here, then that says something good. :D I need something to read now that I finished ACOMAF at lightning speed. Though I'm going to re-read that with everyone tomorrow.

Priscila I love this series! And it gets better with every book, Magnus is definitely my favorite character! So happy you liked it! ;)

Lauren I really need to buy a copy of this book...

message 13: by Christina (new) - added it

Christina It's funny, but I liked Theon as a character so I was sad with what happened to him. But I agree about the instalove. I wish she hadn't done that. Also MAGNUS! <3 I love him.

message 14: by Rose (new) - rated it 1 star

Rose Lyre Yes, this book is like game of thrones if you strip away all the interesting plot, characters, world, cultures, and basically anything that makes game of thrones amazing, then you get this peice of shit the only wishes to ride GoT's coat tails without any of the work

jounseen "10/5 for Magnus" - I totally agree!! gah magnus!!

Rachel E. Carter @ jienna and @Christina,

He is the reason I read this series:D

@Priscilla, I should always trust your judgement, you know the guys characters I like:)

@Lauren, I think you would like it!

Rose wrote: "Yes, this book is like game of thrones if you strip away all the interesting plot, characters, world, cultures, and basically anything that makes game of thrones amazing, then you get this peice of..."

I can definitely see how you would get that but I honestly didn't mind tuning it down to YA as the GoT books were too intense/detailed for me (but then again I prefer YA to adult fantasy).

message 17: by Sophie (last edited Jul 22, 2016 03:13AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sophie What!!! Cleo is definitely my favorite character though I guess I can see why others may not like her. I just rooted for her more though I really like Magnus as well.

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