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Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen
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May 30, 2010

bookshelves: 10th-grade-advisory

By Tish Cohen Pages:320

Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen is about a girl named Sarah who is new student at Anton high school. She doesnt know anyone at that school so she has to start off by making friends. So she starts talking to the "popular kids" and she starts telling them about how her life used to be before she came to this high school. She thinks that her life is boring and that people wouldnt like her if she told them some of the real things that happen in her life so she makes up lies to try and seem "cool. that is until her classmates find out she is lying and then she becomes one of the most hated kids in school for trying tobe someone that shes not. She then apologizes them but they still cant trust her because she lied already but she still has friends that stick by her. Sarah learned that she could have told the truth about her father being a janitor and then she wouldnt have to have lied about other stuff. She also learned that you dont have to lie to people to be cool and excepted and you just have to be yourself.
i thought this book was good and that Sarah should have just told the truth and then people would have still been her friend. i understand that she is the new girl and all but she still didnt need to lie to people because most people at her school dont trust her. i would reccomend this book for people that like stories about high school and the experiences you have in high school. This book was a good book to teach people that they dont need to lie to be accepted they just have to be themselves. She had moved from another town to this new school and was embarrased that her father worked as a janitor, but she was very concerned about what people thought about her. She would do anything to have friends and to not be that kid that just sits alone at lunch by themselves. Overall i enjoyed reading this book.

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