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May 30, 2010

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K well I hav finished spirit bound and I am dying to read this one!!!!!! I do think Jill is the Dragonir sister. As for the queen's murderer... I don't think it was Victor. It's too obvious. Though it would be brilliant. By the way I hope lissa is not on the cover because this is about rose not her. If it is I'm super disapointed already. Idk but to me it seems like lissa is trying to keep dimitri and rose apart. I mean sure lissa brought him back to life, but was it for rose or just to see how far her powers could take her. To me it seems like lissa is a bit selfish. Rose is going to get out of jail one way or another. I just hope Dimitri saves her or something and the fall in love. As for the title, I think rose is going to make it. I mean think about all the things she has sacrificed for Dimitri and lissa. I really hope Adrian has his happy ending because I do like him.... It's just rose deserved to be with her true love otherwise it's gonna end up like mason all over again. I can't wait for the last book to come out, but it better have a good ending. I'd hate for it to be open or like a cliff hanger. Otherwise I'm gonna be really disapointed and upset. Im not sure if Ambrose would do it because there isn't a big motive. Most likely, the person who stole those records want to find Lissa's sibling. If Rose is guilty, she'll be killed. We all know Robert went crazy when his bond mate died. Lissa could be in danger. As for Tasha, Im not sure if she plays a huge role... maybe, maybe not. But who ever killed Tatiana had to have skills with a stake. A dhampir could have done it, like Ambrose, or a moroi with skills in physical combat, like Tasha. Then again, Tatiana never would have seen it coming so all you need to do it have the strength to stake her. The question is why though. Why kill Tatiana? Revenge? It could put Lissa in line to be the queen, but then the person had to be in favor of Lissa and was trying to find her sibling. Rose dying would make Lissa vulnerable and easy to manipulate. There are so many possibilities.... I just hope it ends well.
I just thought of something. Do you think Mikalli (i cant spell his name) will ever find Sonya aka Ms Karp? I think so. I also think Rose will go back to the Academy for Jill. It wouldnt be called Vampire Academy if Rose spent the last book away from it. Also im glad this says its not the final cover. Rose is going to narrate the last book right? Honestly Rose has to end up with Dimitri.

From this point on there will be SPOILERS***************************************************************

My predictions were right. tasha did it. jill was the sister. they find sonya. rose gets back together with dimitri. Im not sure how i feel about lissa becoming queen. it seems like rose just becomes less important to me. but I HATED THE ENDING!!!!!! she lost the bond!!! in the real world that just doesnt happen. people's problem dont just magically go away like that. I feel like it was the easy way out
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Arielle I believe Ambrose killed the Sanctimonious Bitch...It's more likely that it's him than Victor. I never thought of Jill being Lissa's sister...I'm sure the author put her there for a bigger part. Rose better end up with Dimitri or I swear I will cry for weeks!!!!

Jubilee I agree with the both of you completely!! I never thought of Ambrose...but he's a good candidate. I have a feeling that whoever killed the queen also stole the info on Lissa's dad... Maybe Lissa's sibling is the killer!? Anyways I have been waiting for Rose and Dimitri to be together and live happily ever after ever since the first book!!! I will be really sad and dissapointed if Dimitri and Rose aren't together at the end. I also adore Adrian, but its always been about Rose and Dimitri?!! I don't think she'll dissapoint us... Cross your fingers.

Akire12 i agree but im not totally convinced Ambrose did it. What's the motive? What's the point of framing Rose? If she is proven guilty, Rose will be killed and Lissa will most likely fall apart. The same thing happened with Victor's brother. And who could do it? A dhampir is trained with stakes but a Moroi isn't. But some of them have been working with physical combat...

Jubilee Yeah there are a lot of candidates. Its conflicting though because whoever killed the queen framed Rose, but also got rid of her enemy/antagonist. Victor is still a candidate I think though since he's power hungry. I think if Ambrose did it there's going to be a story behind it because there's no real motive yet. Anyways like you said, Rose will be saved regardless, Mead isn't stupid enough to kill her in the last book. Hopefully now that Dimitri can't see her he will miss her!

Akire12 well i dont think Mead will get rid of Rose but im just thinking of reasons why she would be framed and of course Rose will be saved. With Ambrose it would be like a big discussion but i doubt it was him. I really hope for her happy ending!!

Marta i never thought of Jill that way . . . hhmmmm it'll interesting if its true & i wounder if Jill knows??
& i so0o AGREE with you bout the cover -_- its better not be Lissa but if its not her then who 0_o ???
i cant wait!!!!! So much questions! This book better be awesome cuz its the last book & cuz all the other books were awesome =]


message 22: by Bianca (new) - added it

Bianca first of all if Jill is the sibling that is pure genious. second of all it couldn't be Ambrose who killed tatiana cuz he was defending her to rose and he was the one who passed on the her last note to rose and he just wants a cozy lifestyle ( is that to much to ask) third i love adrian but lets be honest dimitri and rose NEED to b 2gether. forth i wonder if the prediction of rose going on a journey meens that she's gonna hav to find a computer teck to help her break into the alchemists' files on Lissa's dad. and lastly fifth i think Mia and Eddie should end up 2gether

message 21: by Abby (last edited Jun 13, 2010 01:08PM) (new) - added it

Abby it cant be jill she is to young. remember the other person has to be over 18 though, it is a good idea. i personaly think it will be adrian.

message 20: by Anja (new) - added it

Anja OMG I just finished Spirit Bound it was awesome!! I can't belive it ended like that. Everything Rhonda said came true: Heartache, enemy, accusations, entrapment, journey(will possibly be in LS) thoug I cant imagine what kind of journey yet..maybe Rose and Dimitri break out and then live a normal life away from the court and anything Moroi...
I kinda think Victor did it..it would be brilliant..and he did want the Queen dead..and nobody knew about his whereabouts when he managed to escape with Robert...and god if they all found out Rose broke him out of prison she is soo frickin screwed! Tho I dont imagine it ccan get worse than this lol. Dimitri really does ower her. I hope they get together in LS!
I also think that it could be Lissa's sibling who did it....an enemy of Rose...god who could that be??

message 19: by Bianca (new) - added it

Bianca y does the sibling hav to b 18 the parents died 2 yrs ago and i think the journey has 2 do with finding the sibling. i hope they hav to break into the alchemist headquarters and get the info on Lissa's dad

message 18: by Akire12 (last edited Jun 14, 2010 09:30AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Akire12 Why couldn't it b Jill? The book never said she had to b over 18, lissa just had to have another person in the family I think. I really don't think it's Adrian. He has both parents. Hopefully Sydney will have a bigger role in the next book. She still owes a favor to Abe so they mite break into the Alchemist headquarters. I doubt Rose will ever leave the Moroi world. Lissa is a big part of it already and Rose could never leave her. As for the cover... I do think it's Lissa cuz who else could it be. One can still hope it's someone else though.

Caroline Don't believe Ambrose killed the queen. If so, why would he have slipped Rose the note in court?

Akire12 Well I'm not convinced Ambrose did it, but maybe he didn't want Tatiana as queen. Lissa could become the queen if she had another family member. He could have slipped her the note so they could find the sibling, giving her a chance to rule the Moroi. But I doubt that's likely since Ambrose did defend Tatiana when he heard of the new law.

message 15: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J I'm 99% sure Jailbait Jill is the long lost sibling. Mead is a purposeful and subtle writer. Jill has the green eyes, her mother is a Moroi dancer, and her father is MIA(up to this point). I think it is smart because it looks like after Abe breaks Rose out of jail, she is headed back to where it all began...the Academy. I just hope Dimitri comes along for the trip :0)

message 14: by K (new)

K i dont think ambrose killed the queen because when rose first saw him in book 5 he was coming back from somewhere and then both he and the queen knew about lissas sister/brother. i think that he went and broke into the alchemists place to get the records for tatiana. !!

Akire12 Mmmmm, maybe. But why would tatiana break into the records. She could just get them if she wanted. I know she didnt want anyone else to know... but stealing them just brought more attention to the records.

message 12: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana okay one thing that is obvious is that jill is definitely going to be lissa half sister. and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense considering the absense of a father and her mothers a dancer.not only that but its foreshadowed a bit on how they bicker..hmm sounds like sisters to me!? the other issue thats clear is that the killing of queen tatiana was an inside job..maybe one of the people that wanted to use complusion to force all damphirs into being guardians. or it was someone who knows rose well, they knew how she would act towards the age decree so they used that to thier advantage so she could became the easy target for thier plot. Or maybe the person who did it was using complusion to force someone to do it. nonetheless, whoever did it, it must be someone that already plays a role in the book, but im sure itll still take us all by surprise.but i still dont think the obvious character is victor. and i highly doubt ambrose had anything to do with the killing of the queen, but it was kinda weird how he wanted rose to go visit his aunt tasha.. and how weird that eddie played a huge role in the beginning of the book, but shortly disapeared throughout the ending?! wouldnt you think he would be thier for rose as a supportive friend.

and the fact that rose and andrian never actually had sex, means that rose will most likely find her true love in the end, dimitri.. or will she have to sacrifice that for lissa? or will the sacrifrice be rose herself. idk but for some reason i dont think the ending of the next book is going to have the happy ending we all want considering how the past books all have a bittersweet one..

Akire12 well maybe this book will have a bittersweet ending but you have to remember that THIS IS THE LAST BOOK. there will be no other chance to change the outcome. Plus everyone would hate it if there wasnt a good ending, it would be a real let down. As for eddie, that was a it strange... I wonder what his role is in the next book.

If lissa is on the cover, most likely she will make the "last sacrifice" so thats why im glad the cover isnt final.

message 10: by Taytay (new) - added it

Taytay i think the person who murdered tatiana will be someone really obvious. none of rose's friends would frame her, but it would have to be someone who would have a chance to get her stake. i have an inkling of a feeling at Eddie could've done it considering he was angry with Rose and by how Mead left Eddie out of the last bits of the book.

message 9: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Maybe the last sacrifice wont be a person per se, just something he or she has to give up. and whoever really did take the stake from roses room could possibly be one of the queens guardians because they have access to get into peoples rooms. or maybe it was eddie himself, idk..

and ya considering this is her last book to this series, it possibly wont have a bittersweet ending. im hoping not, but you never know!

Akire12 Maybe Eddie did do it but I think he still feels a bit guilty about mason... I don't think he would do that to rose.

Don't guardians always sacrifice themselves for moroi? Perhaps moroi will start to fight and guardians won't have to sacrifice as much... This really is an open book.
The sacrifice could still be giving up and object or an idea. It could be a person but I hope nobody dies or leaves.

message 7: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Well i still believe eddie is good, i was just weird how it wasnt in the ending of the book which is kind of a red flag. and lets hope the sacrifice isnt a person, especially any of the Main characters, id be so disapointed!

Akire12 I hope so too!!! I wish the last book would come out tommorow... I'm dying to read it!!!!

Hannahrose lol u cant spell his first name either :)

Shannon I think Tasha killed the Queen. I also think Jill is Lisa's sister.

message 3: by Bianca (new) - added it

Bianca you guys are diving me NUTTTTS!!! i have the with me but no time 2 read it....I am literally dieing to read this book and after reading all these comments i have no idea what to believe. Is it victor or ambrose who killed tatiana. Is rose gonna be a hero when all tis is over( yes, tat much is obvious) whats gonna happen to adrarian and dimitri. Will rose leave adrian for dimitri??. Personally i hate dimitri for his behavior...rose deserves better and I find that adrian, despite his noncholant attitide will be right for rose...Then again dimitri is too sexy not to win rose's heart. I mean remember the night in the cabin when rose was going crazt???(that was the 1st bk i think) he gave her the ULTIMATE COMFORT!!!!lol...soooo wat now.. its obvious to me that dimitri and rose will end up together. I just hope adrian finds that right woman to love.

Marta i just bought it today!! [im on pg 29]
im gllad finals are almost done so i can jump in my book without double thinking it =]

message 1: by Kay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kay I seriously thought for a while that Lissa's half-sibling was a brother and that brother was Adrian because he was a spirit user as well and his mom got like all defensive when they brought up Eric Dragomir and I don't know. I should have known that was too obvious.

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