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Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore
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May 29, 2010

it was ok
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Read in May, 2010

One night, Jody is attacked and wakes up a vampires. Once she realizes what she is, she realizes she needs a human to help her with daylight hour things, which is where her new boyfriend wannabe-writter C. Thomas Flood comes in. Meanwhile, the vampire that made her is playing a frightening game of leaving dead bodies on Jody's doorstep, and the police are getting very interested.

Generally, this is a fun book. It has some cute moments, some funny moments, some odd ball moments. It has enough references to keep a well-versed person eyeballing things, and enough wacky tidbits here and there to mark it more in the humor arena than any other category. It has some interesting characters (the two cops were the best), and some really not so interesting characters.

I was generally disappointed in Jody, the main character. She was generally flat, with tropes and cliches for personsonality rather than there actually being anything truly interesting about her. The vampire that made her to begin the story keeps going on about how she's so different, but this is not followed up upon in any sort of interesting way. In fact, I'd say as a female reader, I was a bit insulted. Jody was the only major female character in the whole book, she's squeezing herself into a size 3 when normally she's a size 5 (it's a high end dress, perhaps hence the less common numbers), she's got gorgeous red hair, flawless skin, etcetera, and so on.

As a fantasy/sci-fi action adventure story, it's a quick read, and quite entertaining. There's nothing ground breaking in the vampire genre, or the romance genre, but it should hold your attention if you were on the beach. I probably wouldn't go back to find the sequel(s), though, even if I knew I had a beach vacation coming up soon.

The narrative style was often sparse and then too descriptive, depending on what sort of thing was being focused on. Conversations were generally truncated, and somewhat more like real life ones, enough so that they could sometimes be hard to follow. The "zingy" nature of the narrative worked okay since it was a humorous novel, but beginning the book is a bit of a bog until the characters and setting resolve themselves enough to be more solid in the readers' mind.


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