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A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull
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Well, quite a fantastic adventure I must say! A World Without Heroes is certainly a very imaginative, creative story in a very intriguing, strange world. It will definitely appeal to all Fablehaven fans (and if it doesn’t, well something must be wrong with you ;), and pretty much any young teenager looking for a fantastical adventure. I really enjoyed reading it.

The two main characters, Jason and Rachel, are two teenagers who unintentionally get sucked from our world into a whole new, magical world run by an evil wizard (the only one there is in fact), and find themselves searching for the Word that will destroy this dark wizard. This Word supposedly will be the undoing of Maldor when spoken in his presence. But very few people know of it‘s existence and none knowing the whole word. It is broken up into syllables hidden across the Lyrian land. Jason and Rachel must search for these syllables, going through unimaginable circumstances and surviving against all odds to succeed.

Brandon Mull created a fantastic world, with interesting people and creatures, crafting an epic adventure that was extremely well planned and executed (it is after all a story 10 years in the making). Granted, this novel is geared towards younger teenagers, not older teenagers and adults who prefer thought provoking books with deep emotion and romance. This book is purely for fun, and I loved it! . (a little gripe, Jason seemed too astute and wise for a 13 year old. He spoke like he was from Lyrian and had grown up with extensive learning and learning extremely well manners, not just a normal teenager from our world. In any case, he had his sense of humor that made me laugh sometimes). I loved this first installment in the Beyonders series, it certainly lived up to my expectations, but I will stand by my loyalty to Fablehaven which I deem much more incredible and epic!
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