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Wind Rider by Connie Mason
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Dec 15, 2007

did not like it
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Read in December, 2007

I've read several of Ms. Mason's other romances and quite liked them. I was prepared to enjoy this, as well -- especially since I'm a sucker for Native American romances, being part Cherokee myself. Boy, was I in for a shock.

The premise is intriguing. Hannah is an indentured servant mistreated by her "owner," an innkeeper who wants her to whore herself out for his patrons. She runs away, only to be captured by the Cheyenne brave Wind Rider. Hannah is taken back to the camp, where Wind Rider decides to marry her in order to save her from being raped or killed.

Wind Rider professes disgust from the very beginning for Hannah because he overheard the innkeeper calling her a whore. He continually berates her through the first part of the book, despite her protests to the contrary. When they have sex, he is shocked to discover that she's a virgin. (Gee... she only just TOLD you a half dozen times...)

Everyone in the book but Wind Rider (and later his sister and brother-in-law) seems to hate Hannah and have it in for her and Wind Rider. The number of people who tell Wind Rider that she is a lying, cheating whore throughout the book is ridiculous. Of course, whenever she tries to tell him the truth, he refuses to believe her and barrages her with accusations and abuse.

Oh, but he's IN LOVE with her...

Frankly, this is a story of toxic jealousy and obsession, not romance. There is no evidence that Wind Rider and Hannah love each other except the amazing sex they have, and hate to break it to you, but great sex doesn't make a great relationship. (Trust me. I've been there.)

It isn't until the last thirty or so pages of the book that Wind Rider realizes that EVERYONE has been lying to him about Hannah. There's nothing to spur this realization; he just suddenly does, right out of the blue. I couldn't buy it, and at the end of the book I was left wondering who he was going to accuse her of screwing next. Some romance.

I probably shouldn't have read this book in the tub. I was so upset by the end that I threw it -- right into the water. Oops.

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