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Stolen by Lucy Christopher
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May 28, 2010

it was amazing
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TBR Reduce Challenge #9- 2011 (Alexa)

Aussie Book challenge 2011 #2

:Spoiler Alert:

Wow! What an outstanding story!

Lucy Christopher pens a remarkable story that will leave you torn, rattled and emotional raw. She will have you question between madness and sanity, love and obsession and ultimately right and wrong. She will dare you to choose what you know and what you actually feel once this story is said and done.
Stolen has no chapters, it is a long-running letter written from victim to captor.
This is Gemma and Ty's story and there unforgettable...situation.

To say that Gemma and Ty have a complex relationships is huge understatement. I've never read a story like theirs, my mind is still buzzing from the aftershock of it all.
It took a little bit to get use to the style that it's written in, but I really loved how this was presented. It's effective, powerful and felt more dire some how.

Gemma was a very realistic victim, she never gave up hope of escape, always fighting. Her thoughts were haunting and mournful, then later, disbelief and even awe.
Like Gemma, it's hard to know what to feel.
As for Ty? He's the bigger puzzle in all of this now isn't he? I feel sad and angry for him. At him. He is probably one of the most conflicting characters I've ever read. There are two sides to him though. The obvious one is easily recognized, the fact that Ty isn't quite all there. He's delusional, disturbed and quite frankly mad. Stalker. Kidnapper. But, there is also a side of him where we get to see beauty and magic through his eyes, the part where he's patiant, nice and actually takes care of Gemma. So...does it make it better that he didn't hurt her? Or rape her? Is is okay because he was so kind? Does it change what he did? What he is?
I don't really know if I feel sympathetic cause he wasn't the wrong kind of evil, or do I sincerely believe that Ty only wanted to help Gemma, save her somehow in his own warped way. Did he love her? Did she love him? Is there actual room for love in there story?
I can go round and round in circles and never find a real answer.
I can chalk it up to Stockholm Syndrome or a twisted kind of affection, but I do truly believe one thing, Ty and Gemma have a connection. It's real now know matter how it came to be or where it will go from here. Whether it was for the better or the worse doesn't really matter at this point, but I will say that I'm not entire done with these two and hope that Christopher will put some kind of closure to there story.

Overall, I really just loved this one. It's a very deep, intense story that had me intrigued, fascinated and alarmed. Readers will come out of this one either hating it, or loving it, but if nothing else, Stolen will capture your attention and demand you to feel.
This is one story I'll never forget!

An absolutely amazing debut!
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message 1: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Yay! I am going to read this soon :)

~Tina~ Starting it in the morning after my workout. I've only heard great things about this one:)

message 3: by Austin (new)

Austin How coincidental! My cousin is reading this as I type! She's in her room, and I'm in a different room. She says this book is good, but it's a hardcore, depressing, and disturbing book.

~Tina~ I heard that as well, still, I'm looking forward to it, a lot of my friends on here says it's really great:)

message 5: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Fabulous review, Tina! I've got this out from my library right now and I'm thinking of reading it soon.

~Tina~ Thanks hun:) I think your really going to love this one. It really makes you think:)

message 7: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Beautiful review twinie! Really need to move this up the stack.

message 8: by ~Tina~ (last edited Feb 09, 2011 05:47PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

~Tina~ Thankies! That's two for my Aussie challenge! 4 more to go! You will lovvve this one Twinie!

Arlene Wow! Awesome review! I was absolutely captivated by this story also. Very emotional and mentally conflicting. I'm glad you gave it a try and loved it.

Sarah M Awesome Review Tina! After your review and Arlene's I cant wait till I get payed so I can go buy this book and read it!

Jessica Love the review, Tina! That's exactly how I felt, too.

Nicole Great review, I felt the same after reading this book. @Nic - I can't believe you haven't read this yet, I thought you were the queen of Aussie YA!

message 13: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Nicole wrote: "Great review, I felt the same after reading this book. @Nic - I can't believe you haven't read this yet, I thought you were the queen of Aussie YA!"

LOL. I know. I keep meaning to start it soon.

~Tina~ Thanks everyone! I kept tossing and turning with this book in my head! Sarah and Twinie! I hope you love this one, its unforgettable!

Alexa Really awesome review, Tina! <3 So glad you liked it. :)

~Tina~ Thanks Alexa! I zipping through my bookshelves! Yay me! lol

Arlene Yay to you is right!! Glad you're enjoying the challenge. :D

♥Rachel♥ Wonderful review, Tina! :) I'm conflicted like you. I do hope there is a sequel sometime! But, it seems like a lot of time has gone by, so maybe she's not going to write one.

~Tina~ Thanks Rach:) It's been a long time since I read this, but I still remember how I felt when it was done.
Yeah...it doesn't look very promising for that sequel, but it's all good, it was perfect the way it ended.

message 20: by Kira (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kira Simion Oh! I just noticed the book had no chapters. I think it is because it's supposed to be a letter.

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