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Calling You by Otsuichi
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May 27, 2010

it was amazing

Calling you by Otsuichi
Light novel

This is different this book is in fact three short stories in one book so to fit I'm doing three character reviews and three story reviews I am not Doing this for every book like this JUST this one since its only three stories and short ones at that

Art: Light novels have art in them it shouldn't be but it was surprising to see, Like black and white and gray water color, another mix of realism and manga but more in the traditional sense of japanese art. Breath-takingly beautiful
Characters 1: (Calling you)In five chapters you learn a lot about these two characters Ryo and shinya, Both are alone with no friends till he accidentally calls her on the phone. By Chapter four you are close to balling it is so sad despite the fact that it is only five chapters you grow to love these characters
Characters 2: (Kiz/Kids)- eleven year old kids thats very different, “ The outsiders” that would be the best way to describe the friendship in this story. Asato is depressing and amazing he's like simon from “Lord of the flies” mixed with a whole bunch of my character Ricky. The boy telling the story reminds me of yuske from yu yu hakusho mixed with poneyboy the characters are fleshed out very well and sooner or later that phrase will get boring
Characters 3: All the characters mentioned were amazingly descriptive and thought out the main narrator was complex however it would have been better if the reader was clued in to the gender of him/her
Story 1: Calling you five chapters long, This story is about a lonely girl who makes a friend with though her imaginary cell phone. It was an amazing sweet story, a story about connection that most readers would understand. The short sweet story though sad (Right up there with Edward leaving Bella, close to being as sad that one scene in shiver) it has a bitter sweet ending
Story 2: Kiz/ kids another five chapter long story, This story is one about friendship between two boys the one boy can move injurers to his own body. This was the most refreshing pice of work yet a story of friendship and belonging, The story was rich with life and death of pain and peace it was different
Story 3: Flower song four chapters and an prolog and epilogue. This is the last story and one about a guy in a hospital who finds a singing flower. The epilogue is confusing though out the story you think the narrator is the guy at the end it seems it was the girl...what? Anyway it was more what I expected like a American YA novel than a Japanese translated novel
Cover: Red and yellow “Calling you” being the title in the middle of a yellow rectangle on either side is the boy and girl from “Calling you” and lines of connection of trees behind them, in balnce but not whole but apart the only thing is the title should have been something different seeing as “Calling you” in only one story out of four
Rating: N/A and don't know what to guess for it
Company: Tokyopop
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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