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Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell
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May 26, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: chick-lit, didn-t-finish

** spoiler alert ** I'm only on page 50, and I'm not sure I can finish. The characters are absolutely terrible to read about. The main character Janey is a [supposedly:] beautiful, [undoubtedly:]little prick, severely lacking in self-respect, real friends, and a sense of reality. She flirts with rich men to be able to stay at their summer home in the Hamptons with them. Even though they're ugly, according to her, she will fuck them, if that's what it takes to stay in a place like that.

Around page 30, at the end of a particularly bad rendezvous with a rich man [one who gave a shit about more than having sex with a model, and didn't flaunt his money-Janey is appalled:], she decides she's going to "show them all". So she gets her own summer home by some magical means, considering she still refused to get up off her ass and work a single second of her life, and after some famous movie producer told her she should write screenplays [because she wants to "do something important", you know:], she has sex with him to thank him for the compliment in some twisted way. Then she prances about because now she's a "writer". Oh, and getting laid by someone famous.

Now I'm at the part where she meets up with an ex-fuck buddy, who is not only married, but also went around telling everyone Janey was nothing but a whore. He is cocky, aggressive, and also tells Janey he hates her quite a few times. Well, apparently this is her cue to meet him at a bar, attempt to make him jealous of her current fuck buddy, and giggle like an airhead at all the rude comments he makes.

Janey is a self-entitled, petulant little brat, who always just KNOWS that she is beautiful and fabulous, and always KNOWS she can get any guy she damn well pleases. Wake up, moron. It's not because of your looks. It's because you keep on spreading your legs for lonely rich jerks. If this girl doesn't gain a)a sense of dignity b)a brain cell in her head c)respect for people around her d) some sense that life isn't all about being pretty or being ugly e)respect for -herself- in the next fifty pages, but DOES manage to gain a)some more one-night stands b)more men ogling at her fake tits or c)an actual movie produced based on her ingenious screenplay, I am beyond done here.

EDIT: I managed to get through the first story about Janey. And of course, in the end, she has her own house, a $2 million dollar contract with Victoria's Secret, and a new Porsche. No man, though. I guess we're still supposed to feel sorry for her?

I got two pages into the second story, and had to put it down. All these useless bits of information about the characters' lives in parentheses were ridiculously irritating. Does Candace Bushnell -know- how to write? It's doubtful I'll ever attempt to finish this book.

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