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this book turned out to be A Lot better than i thought it would be.

before I start this review, i wanna advise you to LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK. i've heard the formatting of the book sucks which is why a lot of people disliked/DNFed it.

personally, i really liked the audiobook especially Will Grayson #2's narrator because he was so passionate when he spoke and he conveyed every emotion perfectly. i also liked that they literally SANG all the songs from the musical that Tiny Cooper was writing djfdgfj it was so much fun.

to avoid confusion, i will refer to John Green's Will as Will #1 and to David Levithan's Will as Will #2

okay, now... there were plenty of things that i disliked about this book but i'll just list the main things that annoyed me:
❌ John Green's writing + characterisation
god, I used to be SUCH a big fan of John Green and I was obsessed with almost all of his books, but now I just hate dislike him a lot. i've noticed that his characters are always so cliché and bland and over the top (*cough* Augustus Waters *cough*) and I really didn't like his Will Grayson.

in fact, i disliked him so much that I wanted to quit and DNF this book after the first chapter. (but then the narrator for Will Grayson #2 started speaking and i liked his voice so i reluctantly continued)
❌ stereotypical gay character/exclusively gay characters
Tiny Cooper is Will #1's best friend and i HATED how he was introduced (it was the reason why I wanted to DNF after chapter 1,, also bc Will was so unlikable).

Tiny is portrayed as your stereotypical gay kid; loud, showy, bold, extravagant, in-your-face, he was narrated with a female-ish tone, he's had tons of relationships that only last a couple days... the list goes on and on. it's quite insulting if i'm honest.

literally Will #1's only description of Tiny was GAY GAY GAY. i'm pretty sure he didn't use any other words to describe Tiny. and that sucked. i also got the feeling that Will #1 was very dismissive towards Tiny?? idk it just came across as kinda discriminating.

i ended up liking Tiny a lot but i hated Will #1's attitude towards him and the way he was portrayed.

and i don't clearly remember this so correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure there was an instance of bi/pan erasure?? coming from Will #1??

okay, so most of this book was kind of a mess and the plot was kinda non-existent and pointless. i don't think i would have finished this book if i hadn't speed-listened to the audiobook tbh.

but there are a few redeeming things that i really enjoyed so here's a list of things that i DID like:

- MY SMOL EMO BBY WILL GRAYSON #2 + David Levithan's characterisation of him
- depression rep (Will #2 had depression and i could relate to a lot of his feelings and inner thoughts and i liked how he discussed his depression with other. i think the rep was pretty accurate (at least from what i've experienced))
- Tiny Cooper is such a good friend and SO CREATIVE and awesome and i loved him (even if he was portayed stereotypically)
- Tiny's musical
- the ending made me smile
- the humour (mostly coming from Will #2 and Tiny Cooper)

after writing this review, i'm not really sure about my rating anymore. i'd give it 3 stars for Will #2 alone but there were also quite a few things that i didn't like At All so...

i think i'll settle for 2.5 stars?? 3 stars?? IDK????
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