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it was amazing
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I freely admit that I picked this series up because I was looking for a "book series like the Dresden Files". I'd tried several Urban Fantasy books and series. Some I liked more than others. Some I intensely disliked.

This series has become my favorite (after Dresden). It seems to me to have gotten better with each installment. There are for my money some good Urban Fantasy reads out there, but few better than these. Starting with the first volume Mr. Jacka begins establishing his world and his characters. We get to know these people as they act and as they interact.

Alex is a mage, a diviner. He can in short look "down the possible futures", the possible pathways things might take if certain things are done, said...you get the idea. The farther down the time stream things get the more "iffy" the futures get.

This is not exactly combat magic. So far as the mages who have versions of magic that can suck your life away, burn you to ash, freeze you to ice shards...blow you to dust, this would seem to be a rather, modest form of magic.

Still, somehow Alex has managed to survive several (read A LOT) of attempts on his life. Also...and possibly more impressive the ones who have set out to kill Alex, most mages more powerful that he is or adepts with some serious "deadliness" have ended up dead.

Alex is getting....known.

This book picks up where we left off in the last volume. A friend of Alex who has walked away from him because of events in our last outing is in danger(you know, because of the stuff that happened in that last book I mentioned). "And" (one might say "of course") she doesn't seem to realize how much danger she's actually in.

We will touch on new details of the world we're learning about, fill in some more details about the past we've been "considering" and tell an excellent story in the time of it.

Are there any disappointments? Sure the same one I have with Jim Butcher's Dresden books. These writers can't turn out a novel a week...not even a month. So here I am again with another series of books where I have to wait for the next book next year.

I keep telling you guys, I'm past sixty...how many more books can I wait for???


Five stars and highly recommended.

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As noted, my highest recommendation. Enjoy.

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Tim The Enchanter I didn't realize this was out today!

Mike (the Paladin) Had it on my calender, LOL.

Tim The Enchanter I use the website authoralarms but I guess I didn't put Jacka's name in!

Mike (the Paladin) Downloaded it from Audible almost as soon as I turned my computer on today.

Tim The Enchanter Nice. Guess what I'm buying when I get home from work! I have done the last few in audio. They have been very good.

Mike (the Paladin) Pretty good so far...

Tim The Enchanter How is it?

Mike (the Paladin) I finished it the next day. It'll get a 5 and I'll go into more detail when I review it. Books tend to stay on my currently reading list till i get around to reviewing them. I've finished 3 or 4 that are still listed as "currently reading", LOL.

But yeah, it's good. the series is great...and there are some things that defiantly remind me of Dresden, though not overtly. Now copying just similarities in the good way.

Tim The Enchanter I will watch for your review. I got the audiobook and it will be the next one I start.

Mike (the Paladin) That's how I got it. I may pick up the paperback to just because I that's how i have the others.

message 11: by Melora (new)

Melora Enjoyed the review, but really I wanted to thank you for recommending the Dresden books. Sort of. They are like chips -- I have Other Stuff I need to do, and instead I'm sitting down to load the 3rd Dresden onto my Kindle. Not sure how to rate them, since I Still don't actually like first person narrated fiction, but these are such fun! Great character, fun stories. (So now I'm making a note about Benedict Jacka.)

Mike (the Paladin) I do (if it's good) like first person books. I suppose I just had good experiences early on, LOL.

I started the Dresden books when there were like 7 of them and read them all back to back. I bought omnibus editions from the Science Fiction Book Club. Like I said, I think you'll find that the books get even better from about the third or fourth.

Tessa in Mid-Michigan Have you tried Charles de Lint yet?

Tessa in Mid-Michigan If not, I recommend Mulengro as a stand-alone. It is more of a horror fantasy, but really good. And I don't like horror. Or try Wolf Moon. That one is short and pretty good.

Mike (the Paladin) I've read a few by de Lint. I find he runs hot and cold (for me) I think The Little Country may be my favorite by him.

Tessa in Mid-Michigan Haven't read that one yet...it's on my ever-increasing list. Yeah, there are some I didn't care that much for. Others I wish would never end.

Mike (the Paladin) It's nice to find a writer you feel that way about.

message 18: by Tom (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tom try the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovich OR The Leandros Series By Thurman. very much like Dresden.

Mike (the Paladin) I've started both Grant is good. Ms. Thurman is also pretty good, well the Leandros series. I didn't care much for her other Trickster series.

message 20: by Alicia (new) - added it

Alicia I'm a huge Dresden fan and like Benedicts books too. Go check out Kevin Hearne's books. They are just as good as these.

Mike (the Paladin) I tried the Iron Druid books and really didn't care for them. I think it's just that I didn't care for the character. To each, a matter of taste. A lot of my friends here like it.

Dorothy I loved the Iron Druid books although I admit the first one took me awhile to get into but it took off after that. I also liked the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. You should also try the occult detective and Morris/Chastain novels by Justin Gustanis or the sandman slim novels by Richard kadrey.

Justin Brightbill Dorothy mentioned it already but the Sandman Slim books are outstanding. I rate it up there with Dresden and Verus.

Another decent series is the Remy Chandler books by Thomas E. Sniegoski. Same formula of PI with powers fighting evil. the catch with this one is he's an angel that got burnt out and decided to live in the mortal world. not as good as the above mentioned but still entertaining.

Mike (the Paladin) It's a matter of taste. I didn't care for either of those series. There are a couple of "Books like Dresden" threads in a couple of groups and I note that while everybody likes Dresden the other series don't come in for "universal approbation". To each I suppose.

Justin Brightbill That is a more than fair point.

message 27: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Great review. Maybe I'll read it :)

message 28: by Kris (new) - added it

Kris Henry Mike I too started reading this series because I'm waiting for the next Dresden book, what other series would you recommend please?

Mike (the Paladin) Hard to say really. I haven't found another that drew me in as Dresden (and this one to a lesser extent) have. You might try the Hellequin Chronicles they are pretty good and I enjoy them. The first one is Crimes Against Magic Crimes Against Magic (Hellequin Chronicles, #1) by Steve McHugh . Let me know what you think.

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