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Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede
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May 25, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2010

There is so very much that I liked about this book that I hardly know where to begin.

A lot of the reviews, as I'm scanning through them, gripe about how many characters there are and how hard it is to keep them straight. I dunno, I didn't have any trouble, and that was quite nice after having finished Watersmeet, where you're introduced to a city full of new characters two-thirds of the way through the book. I felt like in Thirteenth Child each character got the right amount of "face time" based on his or her significance to the story. It reminded me a lot of Gosford Park.

Prediction: Wash is gonna bite it.

Wrede also chose to exclude the First Nations from her story, and while other reviewers seem to have taken offense at that, I think it makes the story more interesting in subtle ways. For example, Lewis and Clark never came back!

I loved the interactions between the characters. My mom grew up seventh in a family of ten, so I may ask her to read it and see what she thinks.

And I loved the vivid descriptions of the magic and the mixing of the familiar and unfamiliar. I look forward to getting to explore this world further.
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Philip I really hope that didn't give anything away, as Liz just checked this out from the library...

Also, I thought your mom was 8 in a family of 10...

Clickety You know, I swear she says seventh in ten, but now that I think about it, I can only think of Carole and Jimmy after her. Maybe the "seven" comes in as "seven older siblings."

Philip Huh... I just finished my review. I talk about some of Native American issues because I read some other reviews before writing mine... I didn't even think that THAT was the reason Lewis and Clark didn't return... That's great. I may take that and put that comment on some of the reviews that said stuff like, "I had this at 5 stars, but now I'm taking them away because dat da dat da daaaa..."

Yeah, Wash and probably some family members.

I thought she was going for Eff and William, but who knows? It may be a Harry and Ginny thing or Katniss and (Peeta? Gale?)

Alright. Peace out. It's 12:35 and I'm (sortof) teaching SS tomorrow.

I did notice that you still have your mom as seventh. Too proud to take it down?

Clickety :P no, humble enough to allow my mistake to show. You're right; Mom's 7/10.

Well, okay, now that you've READ it I'll go a little farther. As Eff matures she starts getting interested in Wash, but this is a red herring to get us more connected to him so that when he dies it has more emotional impact. Later she realizes the feelings that have been there for William all along.

Hadn't thought about the family members dying, but you're absolutely right. Their odds aren't good. I said the same thing to D. about the last Harry Potter book - you just KNOW there's no way the whole Weasley clan is making it out of there. I told him I was betting a twin would bite it (wasn't sure which one) because you've got a spare left over. >;) PLUS then you can SHOW the emotional impact because of the connection between those two characters. Brilliant choice on Rowling's part.

Good luck this year! How long have you guys been back? Actually that's OT. Post on FB or something. TTYL!

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