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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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it was ok

I even tried the free audible edition to spare me the effort of reading it, but kept falling asleep to that.
I gave up at chapter 29. Sure, there are some micro stories in there that I quite like - the "bastard" (as we are told endlessly) Jon has a pleasing little character arc during his early time at the wall and the interactions between characters are well done. Poor Bran falling from the tower was good. The writing has a pleasing easy flow.
But at the macro scale - what the heck is going on? Where is the plot? It just feels like it is going no where with events happening that don't appear to contribute to progressing a plot.
Some say it is like a soap opera. I think I agree and I don't like soap operas.
I've heard that GRRM's writing style is to plant seeds and see what grows. I think he needs a trellis or something to give what is growing some structure and purpose. Then it might be growing into an impressive garden instead of a tangle of weeds - all be it pretty weeds.
Some say it gets better the more you get into it, but this reader has been kept waiting way too long for the story (if there is a story) to obtain a sense of purpose and pace.

I do congratulate GRRM on finding an audience, a large one at that, to consume his works. I am conscious of the fact that a number of people I know reading the series are doing so because it is "famous" and they feel they should, and not because they actually enjoy it. That is sad.
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Tasula Agree with your comments. I finished the book, but it was a huge disappointment (after all the hype and how much I liked Fevre Dream). I kept talking to the book, saying "stupid" to the father esp. and other characters. I liked the dwarf and the wolves, of course.

Adrian G Hilder The wolves were quite fun and I acknowledge the story had its bright points.
Of course, if we are being pedantic, the idea that wild wolves can be domesticated and trained in any way is untrue - at least if they are like wolves on Earth. A wild wolf is genetically a wild wolf and domesticated dogs came about by continuously breeding the least vicious wolves over several generations until you got a tame dog. Interestingly the coloring of domesticated dogs develops in step with their ever taming nature as the generations pass. It takes about 8 generations to get a tame dog.
I'll accept "Westeros Wolves" are different for the sake of the story :-) (and stop being a geek)

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