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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
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May 25, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: paramormal, paranormal-romance, read-in-english, romance, young-adult, werewolves

** spoiler alert ** Warning: contains major spoilers and serious sarcasm

Although I've finished this book in less than three (school) days in a row, I haven't liked it so much as that implies. Maybe I´ve just waited for something that would change my mind. That something hasn't showed up. This book was a big disappointment for me. In the following review I'll try to explain myself, please note that I'm not usually that harsh, I'm just in a mood for being difficult, I guess.

Prologue is always important for me, it sets the entire atmosphere of the book and it lets you know what to expect. I loved the prologue – until I realized it was a dream - and that should have tipped me off to expect melancholic tragedy/happily ever after(?)

It was so full of adjectives, cheesy comparisons, descriptions of someone's eyes and expressions of affection – less is more (so much more in this case) – it made me want to skip whole paragraphs. I'm also super sensitive about repeating words – if I read phrase "my wolf" once again I will throw (whichever) book out of the window.

Plot holes and inconsistencies! Everywhere!
►I don´t know which one of them bothered me the most. Maybe Grace's relationship with her parents. Not only they weren't able to do anything right as parents, they had no problem with living at the edge of a forest although a boy was killed by a wolf recently and their own daughter had been attacked by a pack of wolves and dragged to the forest few years ago?

►First intention of all fantasy+paranormal+romance teenage book is to get rid of the parents of the main protagonist (preferably parents of both of them). Since Harry Potter no one uses that orphan strategy anymore but the substitute strategies should be used carefully. Sam's parents didn't show any signs of violence before his first change yet after that they had no problem with the drastic solution? Grace's parents – new trend of parents neglecting their children. Grace has to cook so they do not suffer from starvation...oh come on, what did they eat while Grace was a little girl not able to hold a saucepan?

►The author in her interview said that she wanted to write books because she wanted to make people cry. I guess that she has reached her goal, the whole thing about star-crossed lovers couldn't have been sadder, more emotional. But you can't just "write emotions" and build the whole world around so carelessly with so much plot holes, it's all just going to crumble on one pile, the emotions will seem shallow and artificial.

Random facts:

►Shy Olivia had no problem with taking close-up pictures of wolves?
►Grace brought wounded boy who had signs of attempted suicide or abuse all over him to the hospital and no one gave a damn when he disappeared?
► She disturbed a whole hunting party because her friend (supposedly) was in the woods yet no one even called to make sure her friend was okay?
►Grace's miraculous recovery from the lycanthropy disease – wasn't it obvious from the beginning? Grace didn't have to think so hard when she really needed to find it out, did she?
►Flatness of Isabelle's character. As much as Grace was white from the beginning, Isabelle and her brother were quite obviously the black part of jin and jang. I would expect something different from a girl who (supposedly) lost her brother. She did show some emotions in the end, but that is not enough.
►Do you want to find out if you can trust someone? Invite them over to your house and make a quiche! How simple. I mean really, was that necessary?
►Grace – she knew Sam about 12 hours and she let him not only sleep in her room, but with her in her bed. Does that seem strange even to me? They just dived into their relationship too quickly and I'm not talking just about that bed thing.
►Sam almost lived with Grace in her house, in her room, he used their bathroom, ate their food... and not even once anybody noticed?
►Beck made it very clear how much he regretted biting Sam, how sorry he was about taking human life away from him. And at the first sign of Beck's betrayal Sam turned his back on him, thinking he would have done it again?
►And please, just tell me where to find group of kids willing to trade their life for a lifetime in a wolf form, in a supermarket?
►Olivia was bitten by a wolf, possibly infected and Grace didn't even try to immediately reach her, help her? Call her? Best friends forever...


I haven't been so torn about rating a book in a long time, I have mixed feelings, there were 1★moments as well as 5★. At the end 2★ are more than generous of me I think, good book shouldn't make me feel so perplexed.

P.S. I´m sorry Kay, I just couldn't...the more I wrote, the more holes I found. Maybe it's just my current mood.
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Kayla Never mind. I am glad for your opinion and appreciate that you wrote the review. I liked the book and looking forward to the next episode comes out. When you wrote errors I noticed it too, but it will not change my rating, okay maybe about one star.:D
But it's a nice review.;)

Seesen9 Actually, I change my rating all the time ;) I can totaly se why you liked it so much, I just could´t get over all the nonsenses (my original review was over one page long!). Btw I think you might like Beautiful Creatures I seriously considered 4★, it´s a rare supernatural romance from boys perspective, give it a try :)

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