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Pop! by Meghan Mccarthy
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May 24, 2010

really liked it

Author/artist Meghan McCarthy used bold acrylic paints to illustrate her informative story of bubble gum. While kids love what is often a pink square of gum used to chew, blow and pop bubbles, very few mw know its history. Now, thanks to McCarthy they can learn how difficult it was to invent.

Our story begins in a factory owned by the Fleer family during the 1920s. This family made large quantities of gum and candy. One employee was Walter Diemer, an accountant who could easily balance a budget but knew very little about gum.
As time passed the office next door to Diemer's became a laboratory occupied by technicians trying to make a new gum. The thought was that gum wasn't really very exciting, "But what if gum chewers could blow bubbles? Now that would be something - a world full of bubble gum blowers!" The technicians didn't have much luck and Fleer was about to give up his idea when Walter was asked to watch a kettle holding a gum experiment. Well, Walter became fascinated - he didn't know what he was doing but he spent a great deal of time "playing with different mixtures." You guessed it - he finally found a mixture that bubbled and popped!

POP! THE INVENTION OF BUBBLE GUM also includes a history of chewables, a bio of Walter Diemer, and facts about gum. For instance, who chewed the most gum in 2006? Kids? No! College educated women in their thirties.

Young readers can certainly relate to this book's subject and may well enjoy knowing how one of their favorite treats came to be.

- Gail Cooke
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