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Witch & Wizard by James Patterson
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May 23, 2010

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I was expecting a lot from this book when I first picked it up. And it wasn't bad. It just wasn't up to the expectations I had had for Patterson here.
The premise was good, the story itself okay. I mean, they spent like 150 pages just being taken to prison. And then like 100 attacking a prison. So there it seemed a bit slow. Nothing much really happened. I could probably summarize the book in a few sentences.
Also, I don't really like characters who "come back" when you never knew them in the first place. Celia and Byron were examples of this. It's supposed to be this whole emotional thing of Woah, betrayal. And I thought he was good! or something like that, but instead you're like Alright. I didn't even know him in the first place. So why does that matter? instead. That's one of the things I disliked about The Angel Experiment and how Patterson "brought back" Ari. If you're gonna do that, wait a bit before they betray us. Like have a whole book before that one that goes into their character. That's why in Eldest (Spolier!) Murtagh's betrayal was much more effective. Because we got to know him quite well beforehand.
Also, some of the wording in this book was a bit awkward. Like Patterson tried to use some expressions that really don't work in writing. (At the beginning he used "Jeez, Louise" and I spent a few minutes looking around thinking Who the heck is Louise? before I realized it was just an idiomatic expression.)
Other than that, the book was pretty good. A couple things here and there, but I'll read the sequel when it comes out and I'm still a big Patterson fan.
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