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Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep
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May 23, 2010

did not like it
Read in May, 2010

I felt this book could've been so much more than it was.

The concept was original - out of all the more recent adult urban fantasy/paranormal romance books these days, the idea of a superhero filled world really tickled my interests. I love superheroes and have always wanted to write a superhero-centric novel myself. So I, of course, jumped on Karma Girl. I was so geared up to read it that I got my hands on the sequel ahead of time.

I won't be reading the sequel. This review will contain spoilers from here on out.

First, the romance. Contrived, contrived, contrived. Constantly, we get Carmen, main character, telling us that a guy like Striker would never want to be with her, she shouldn't be thinking about him, blah blah blah. And it's obvious from the very beginning that they're going to get together. Try harder, author. Add to that the fact that they have NO basis for a relationship - it talks about their "electric" attraction, how he makes her tingle and makes her aroused, but we get no basis for it. They talk about how they're in love by the end, but why - even by then they don't know jack about each other. At the end, I'm still wondering what reason they're together at all besides the sex - if that were supposed to be the only reason, great. But we're told they're in love, and I just don't see why, nor do I give a crap about their relationship.

Second, Carmen's motivations feel weak. She goes out on this revenge spree, unmasking villains and heroes, because her fiance cheated on her with a villain - and, you know, it's never very well-explained. She says she never wants what happened to her to happen to anyone else, but that stretches thin, especially after thirteen unmaskings - and speaking of thirteen, it takes THAT long for a villain to go after her? Why? You'd think they'd want revenge for being uncovered, with how evil she makes them sound.

The author harps on this "karma" concept. After the second or third explanation - mentally and out loud to other character - that Carmen gives of her idea of karma, I wanted to smack her. Okay, we get it, author - are you trying to convince yourself or the readers, here?

And some of it was just STUPID. How could she not notice that almost every hero's name and villain's name was alliterative to their already alliterative first and last names? After the third or fourth time, I think the first person I'd examine would be Sam Sloane who might be Striker.

I wasn't given any time to CARE about Carmen's betrayal on her wedding day. What was Matt like? She tells us he's caring - can we see some of that? Flashbacks, maybe? We're told she feels pain, but that's just it - lots of tell, not enough show. There's a big problem with this book, right there.

The ending conflict felt rushed - I'm supposed to feel like Carmen agonized over her new powers and whether or not Striker wanted her or the superhero, but it was resolved in such a short amount of time, I didn't care. Could we not have extended that into the sequel? It would have at least left something for the reader to wonder about.

And, small nitpick - "data bytes"? "security firewall on the internet"? People who work with computers and mind meld with them don't talk about technology that way. And to make me cringe, "data bytes" was used three or four times in the entire novel. Dear god.

Anyway, maybe other people would like this, but I felt the novel was weak. I would not give it a second read. Find something better-constructed and more entertaining - this was less about awesome superheroes and more about Carmen whining and angsting and making eyes at Striker, who doesn't really do much else either. I wanted fight scenes and innovative powers, and I got whiney B.S.

Color me dissatisfied.

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