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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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May 23, 2010

really liked it
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Well as you can see from my prediction below I was somewhat right, but mostly and oh so totally wrong. Although I did end up figuring it out and putting the pieces together long before the characters did. That aside it was a good twist, and I am mostly happy about how it ended. Although I do feel bad for a couple of the characters, particularly two of them, but incase some of you reading this haven't read/finished the book I won't say who. All in all a good series (I'm not sure if it's over, or if she is just going to write the other books from other characters perspectives) I definitely don't feel like reading these books were waste of time, or brain cells, just that they were a nice vacation from the stress of reality.

Just finished Spirit Bound and here is my prediction for Last Sacrifice (ohhh what a daunting title)
I think that Dimitri, with the help of Abe and his minions, will break Rose out of the jail in Court, and then Court its self. After this they will find whoever killed the queen (my guess is Victor) and also find Lissa's half-sibling. I also think that it was Victor who broke into the Alchemist's data center and stole the info on Lissa's dad, in doing this I think he was hoping to find Lissa's sibling to continue the "work" he was doing in the first book. And going along with that thinking he killed the queen because he knew that she was the only other one who knew about the Lissa's sibling. But who is to say if all will go well and what will really happen... Duhn Duhn Duuuuhn.
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message 1: by GREAT (new) - added it

GREAT That's my theory too because Dimka and Abe sure as hell won't let Rose get killed. Absolutely not. So glad Dimitri's back to normal!

Shannon Well I wouldn't go so far to say he's "normal" but at least he isn't Strigoi (sp) anymore. But I agree with you no way will Rose die not as long as Abe and Dimitri are around.

message 3: by GREAT (new) - added it

GREAT Ye I know what you mean about normal, he's not completely himself but there was hope at the end when he kicked all those guardians ass, showing that there is still hope for him to be back to how he was .

message 4: by Violet (new) - added it

Violet Sakura Good theory! I was kind of scared that Ambrose killed the quees, until he gave Rose her letter. But Victor is the obvious suspect for me too!
I'm really troubled about Dimitri-Rose-Adrian triangle.
I surely don't believe Dimitri saying he's over Rose, wouldn't believe, even if Rose started believing in that herself. But Adrian needs her too.
And Abe, sure as hell, won't let her rot in prison.
Can't wait for this!

Sommer ii think that the queen had her little spies break into the alchemist data or whatever, because she wanted more info on lissas other sibling because i think she did all that researched to get lissa on the royal council and she found what she was looking for and she apparently knew something bad was going to happen to her so she had to tell rose because of course rose is the only one who handles things around there. and i have complete faith that abe will get her out! im hoping that its dimitri that saves her in the end though

Angie Best theory so far......the only thing I do not think Mead will do is make VICTOR the murderer. Since Rose was the one who broke him out of jail, I don't think she would want the Queens death to ultimetly be Roses fault. I really have no clue who did it yet. I am leaning towards Adrain's dad, or Christain's Aunt.

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