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Keeping Molly by David C. Hayes
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Keeping Molly, by David Hayes and Kevin Moyers, gives us a longer view from the perspective of a healthy person dealing with an infected loved one. Alan and his wife, Molly, suffer a great loss and in the process, she becomes infected with a new virus. Alan does all the right things in trying to get her some help but it's too late. Now he must deal with her increasing infection...and appetite.

This is not a typical zombie story. Yes, an infection spreads through humanity and it causes an increase in the infected's appetite. But in this story we find out what it is, how it started, symptoms, and eventually, what can be done about it. I loved that they came up with a scientific explanation and it wasn't just a bunch of doctors and talking heads wringing their hands and wailing their laments about the unknowns. Even the infection itself allows for moments of lucidity for the victims and they're not complete shambling undead creatures.

As I read it, I completely identified with Alan. I probably would have done everything he did if my husband got sick like Molly. I cried several times and at the end (I won't spoil it for you) I was so freakin' mad I ALMOST shouted at my iPad. That's what you want in a story - it needs to draw you in emotionally so you can become fully invested in the characters and story.

The few complaints I have are probably more from a writer's perspective. There was a bit of jumping around between character POVs, some within the same paragraph. That and the verb tenses switching between present and past were distracting. I had to go back and re-read a few sections because I got confused as to which character was doing what and when. Seems like a few typos and extra words got missed in the editing process, too. The characters of Molly's parents and the neighbor felt incomplete, like they were written just to give us someone to hate or to irritate us.

Overall it's a great story and worth the read! (I actually want to give it 3.5 but no 1/2 stars are allowed, I guess!)

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