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Buried by Kendra Elliot
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it was amazing
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*** small spoiler alert ***

Once again Oregon is the sight of… destruction in the worst way. Bodies are being uncovered in a field at an old Dairy farm. Not just any bones… children's bones. Old enough that there is only old brown bones to recover. Michael Brody, newspaper reporter gets wind of the bones...but there is more to the story. Eighteen years ago Michael’s brother Daniel went missing along with 7 other students and a bus driver. They went on a field trip and somewhere on the way back they disappeared. Chris, one of the kids on the bus made his way out of the woods to a house two years later -almost dead- from dehydrated and emaciated. But he remembered nothing of what had happened.

Today, Michael is astonished to find his brothers remains are not there. What is going on here? After more searching Michael decides to track down Chris, the lone survivor of the incident. He sets out on a mission to find Chris, to make him talk to him. He has to remember something. But the kid lives off the grid and Michael knows the only person that may be able to find him is his sister, Jamie. But will she help? Only one way to find out. Jamie is a elementary school teacher who isn’t afraid to tell ya how it is. So her and Michael Brody do not hit it off in the way he wants at first. But there is something about this woman that intrigues him. A lot. But.. she is not going to tell him anything about her brother, though in retrospect you can’t tell someone something you don't know.

As more bodies are found the case gets even bigger. Not only have they found children’s bones but now thanks to more searching and the cadaver dog they have found a mass grave with adult remains as well as a place it looks like the kids were kept before they were killed. An underground bunker of sorts. They find the kids backpacks and personal things… as he and Lacy get the news from the cops Michael starts to tailspin. Where is Daniel? What had they done with him? He needs help to find Jamie’s brother Chris, so he can find out what happened here.

Michael again reaches out to Jamie, this time by stopping at her school… but as before he gets no where. The only thing that happen is his noticing her again. She is beautiful and the attraction between them is mutual. (What can I say he is a smart man sometimes. LOL) BUt as they try to sort through what they know and what other information they can find the bad guys are planning an attack of their own. Seems the one behind all of this is not happy with his ever trusty assistant. Only one child was supposed to be taken care of that fateful day. Not a bus full. But the job was done so what could he do. It was 18 years later too. But what the assistant could do for him was find Chris. And now. That again, is easier said than done.

Michael gets a number that Jamie calls after he leaves her house the first time traced and finds a location for Chris. It pays to have people on your good side. (laughs) He isn't sure of the exact location but.. its a close enough start at least. But then he gets a call from the local sheriff and knows where to go. He goes back to Jamie’s house and asks Jamie to go with him but she refuses. Even finding out her brother has a kid and had a woman in his life. She is torn but Jamie knows her brother wants to be off the grid and she wants him left alone. Michael shrugs it off and decides to just go alone. What’s the worst that could happen?

So… the assistant guy goes to Jamie’s house, to search it while she is gone running. But he doesn’t expect her to come home so fast. When she does he -instead of leaving- attacks her. And she attacks back, even getting in a few good hits once the man tells her he is her brothers attacker. I mean, really how stupid can you be? He taunts her, gets his ass beat and lets her see his ugly face. Dumb. After he runs off she calls the cops. They respond along with EMS and after she is patched up from being cut on glass and having a gun pressed into her cheek, tearing the skin she calls Michael. He was heading out of town but turns around and comes to her. He needs to make sure she is really okay.

After he makes the other officers call the detectives in Portland Jamie and he talk. They talk to the cops more at the station and she runs through what happened again. This is when Michael finds out they found pictures in the holding cell under the ground. The man's arms were in plain view. They blew up pictures of the arms, only the arms and compared that to a sketch Jamie drew and it was the same man. He really was the one that hurt Chris.

Jamie decides to go with Michael to find her brother. She has to find out what happened to him. Would he be in danger now? Once they arrive in the backwoods little town they meet with the sheriff, have dinner and check into the town's only hotel -which is a bed-n-breakfast- and spend the night together. tomorrow they will go to Chris’s house and try to talk to him. When they arrive at the house the next day it is empty and has been tossed. When Brody calls the sheriff he finds out the baker in town -and Chris’ only “friend”- is dead. He’s been murdered. Once they are back in town they ask questions and the panic sets in. But what they don’t know is… Where are Chris and Brian? Are they hurt, dead? Does the tattooed man have them?

Back at the hotel Michael leaves Jamie in the room to rest while he goes to get dinner. He also reminds her to stay in the room…. but when he comes back -about a half hour later- the room is empty. Jamie is gone and no where in sight. As Michael waits for the sheriff to get back from another murder scene he stands out front of the B-n-B, going crazy from worry and anger. When he calls the detectives in Portland to update them he’s cut off abruptly. Chris Jacobs has just pulled up… Michael takes a few seconds to collect himself because when Chris steps out his truck all he can see is Daniel. Daniel Brody is standing a few dozen feet in front of him. His brother… not hers. the little boy in the back of the truck is a little Daniel as well.

Talk about a slap in the face. Michael goes from shock, to joy to anger and back around. So while they talk and Brian plays on the porch of the B-n-B Daniel -who for now has to be called Chris since that is all his kid knows- tells him what happened. He never forgot, he had to pretend to be dead and take on Chris’ identity in order to keep his family safe. When the Sheriff and the officer from the state police they start looking around for Jamie. When they check the alley behind the B-n-B they find a little gift the tattoo man left for them. A bunch of Twinkies lying on the ground. This confirms their fears, he has Jamie. After they get a call from another officer the state police tell them that he was spotted on the highway. The way he was heading was leading him to Salem.

Michael and Chris load Brian up and haul ass towards Salem. Michael tries calling his dad to get some information on one of the woman found in the grave. The detectives have found out she was an intern of his for a few campaigns before she disappeared. Now that she is found as one of the bodies eyebrows are raised. Michael calls home but his mom says he is at the Governor's Mansion. They were flying out early in the morning and he thought that leaving from there was best. First things first Michael will get there and talk to his dad. When they arrive Michael goes inside to try and find his father. But instead of his father he finds.. the tattooed man. A fight ensues and shots are fired. Meanwhile, while things are going south inside Chris notices that a car in the garage is moving. When he goes to investigate he finds Jamie. The fact that the tattooed man is here, where his son is freaks him out. He makes Jamie stay with Brian and he goes after Michael. Guns in tow. the asshole won’t get away from him now. Not this time.

Bwahaha… the ending you will just have to read ‘cause it blew my mind. Like totes didn’t see that coming. this book was sooooo good and kept me guessing the entire time. Just when I think I’d have it figured out.. nope I’d be way off in left field. Kendra’s way of telling a story is superb. I love the fact that I have both the e-book and the audio book so I can ‘read’ at work or while I am cleaning or what have you. The fella that voiced this one was good but I did have to laugh at him trying to talk a kid. I can’t wait to get to the next one!!
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