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Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
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May 19, 2010

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I am going to create a new goodreads bookshelf titled "sausage party." It will exist solely for Henry Miller.
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Paquita Maria Sanchez Thanks, but I'm good! And if your default is to tell random women on the internet that they need to get fucked just because they made a snarky comment years ago about a book they actually do intend to read, and were only playfully taking the piss out of, then what you could use is an education and/or some self-reflection. I get that a lot of people automatically discount Miller because he's been labeled this and that based on limited information, so it's ironic that you're rallying against that via your comment considering it's exactly what you're doing to me.

message 2: by Ian (last edited Jan 23, 2016 03:45PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ian "Marvin" Graye Snorkers good-oh!

Paquita Maria Sanchez I am perplexed as to why this "review" is suddenly getting attention despite the fact that—the inaccurate timestamp system notwithstanding—it has been sitting on this website since 2010 when I read the first bit of this book (and liked it, as a matter of fact, though I guess that part doesn't fit our presumptuous narrative when we're calling people repressed spinsters on the internet).

Actually, it's pretty shocking that it took this long for some basement intellectual to come along and get all bent out of shape over wittle me making a brief, flippant, and long-forgotten comment about a divisive books. Wowie zowie, you see through political correctness right to the heart and soul of Henry Miller. Everybody's just so impressed.

message 4: by Ian (last edited Jan 23, 2016 04:38PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ian "Marvin" Graye Awesome review! Awesomer thread!

Paquita Maria Sanchez Hardly!

It's weird, too, because there is no shortage of negative reviews of this book on this website, and elsewhere. If you're going to carpet-bomb with negative comments toward critical reviews of a book you love, that's one thing. I mean, a pointless, asshole thing, but a common thing. Randomly just telling one individual female to go get dicked for making a juvenile, jesting comment is another, more troubling thing. I don't understand what motivates people to harass and insult strangers on the internet, but it can't be good, because no good comes of it. For anyone.

Paquita Maria Sanchez And what is the snorkers thing from? It rings bells...

message 7: by Ian (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ian "Marvin" Graye It's a silly line from "The Cruel Sea" that stuck in my head and I say it every time I hear the word sausage. It's Australian slang for sausage.

Paquita Maria Sanchez See, if someone had told me I could use some snorkers, I probably would've thought that was an adorable statement, or at worst, Jabberwocky. American English is such a disappointment sometimes...

Paquita Maria Sanchez ^They are having a sausage party! See, I knew they were real.

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