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Black Rook by Kelly Meade
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There were a lot of problems with this book, so I'm a little surprised I decided to round the 2.5 up to a three. The world building was a little lame with a pretty standard three-way supernatural triangle with mages, weres, and vampires. Yeah, the vampires were mostly gone, but that's not really much of an innovation on the standard, really.

Meade messed a bit with the weres, but I didn't really find those twists very twisty and some of them were kind of lame—like the color coding. I'm sorry, but white vs. gray vs. black misses a lot of real wolf colors and giving them such absolute meaning doesn't help. The white wolves as magical emotional stabilizers was particularly odd and adding their super-duper mating potential was lame-sauce on top.

So that was bad, but I disliked the background morality worse. Apparently, everybody we meet suffers from the same delusion that psychopaths keep their word and that you can totally trust them to adhere to any devil's bargain they offer. I kept waiting for an adult to show up and say "hey, maybe this whole trusting psychopathic killers to be both sane and honorable isn't such a good idea, huh?" But no, instead we have the people in charge congratulating themselves on making the "tough choices" of doing exactly what the evil people demanded. Because that's how you fight evil—by giving in to it.

Anyway, Brynn was cute and Rook mildly hot (as long as I mentally erased the gauges in his ears—I'll never understand that particular form of "body art") and I liked them both personally, even if they suffered the same moral insanity of the rest of their universe. Brynn finding a home with the supposed enemy of her people was particularly charming as it flowed naturally from who she was and her willingness to make up her own mind about who was worthy and who wasn't. The insta-love kinda, sorta worked, if only because they were both outcast in their own ways and finding each other gave them a stability they were both seeking (even if neither of them really knew it).

So yeah, weak world building and stunted morality, but two people I liked and cared enough about to continue reading to the end of the book. Probably won't bother with the next, though.

A note about Steamy: Low. One explicit scene and not much of one at that. There wasn't even much ancillary activity.
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