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After School Nightmare, Volume 4 by Setona Mizushiro
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May 18, 2010

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bookshelves: boarding-school, fantasy, japan, manga, school, gender

Well, I don't know.. in this volume, the main character's friend who's in love with the main character's girlfriend is a wuss. Or really strong. He sacrifices time and again for her happiness. Even though she's afraid to get close to him and she's all attached to the main character.

Dude can tell that the main character isn't wholeheartedly in love with the girl, but he wants her to be happy. So he acts as a sort of go-between, encouraging her to give the main char a chance and encouraging the main char to get his/her head on straight and stop jerking her around.

And it's either terribly noble and romantic, or it's totally pathetic. I can't decide. But in either case, neither the main character nor the girl deserve it. They're just balls of useless angst.

The English translation has a couple of blank squares at the start of scenes, where I expect some information to be. The name of the location, the date, 'as the leaves turned to blah blah'.. something. But they're just blank squares with no text in them. Did part of the translation not get done?

I'm also getting sick of being told what an obento is. Every time one shows up, there's a little asterisk telling you to check the translation notes. You'd think if someone didn't know what one was when they started the manga, they'd know by volume 4 and 5!!

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