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The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
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May 17, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: children

wow,kok review yang kemaren dah panjang2 gue tulis ga ada ya?aneh banget...jadi harus tulis ulang gitu maksudnya??jarang2 padahal dapet mood buat nulis review,huuuuh...


but let me start it,again.

I think this book is what people called children book for adult. The story is simple but somewhat dark,and gloomy.the ending is happy though.

There's no magic in it,but somehow i can feel the magical nuance. Well,of course the arrival of the elephant was not something explicable by common sense,but there no 'abracadabra' either. I think the main story is about hope,that's why Peter's the first person in this book, because who can have that big of hope if not children?

I also like the circus atmosphere that this book brought, although there's actually no circus performing, or even some amusement park to attend,but still,the tends in the market, with the fortune teller, magician,etc made it as if it is there.

It is true,that maybe we can dig more about the story, and some characters are left without enough explanation, like the elephant, the magician, the hunchback, even peter,but i don't consider it as a big of a deal. They are fascinating as it is.

And what i love most is how the people react toward one another. DiCamillo show the goodness of people. These people, their life might be boring, their life might be not as good as they expect it to be,or they aren't perfect anymore, but it doesn't mean they will hurt one another.

The old soldier could be abusive to Peter, the doorkeeper suster could hurt Adele, and the hunchback and the beggar could be bitter and cruel, but they are not. Despite what happened to them they still choose to care, and to lend their hand when needed.

So, a good story indeed.

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