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The Krybosian Stairpath by S.R.R. Colvin
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May 16, 2010

it was amazing

Madison and her brother Mica hurry home, on the last day of school, eager to reach 241 Rock Quarry road and elated that they don't have to endure for three months teasing about the Terrence Mystery. 241 Rock Quarry road seems simple from the outside, even plain and boring but what lies within promises Madison, Mica and her best friend Onyx a fun filled summer of discovery and mystery. Grandpa and his pet gopher Digby live in this extra ordinary home deep underground quite nicely, as it fits the geological background of Grandpa.

Once the owner of a quarry, Grandpa suddenly shut down the quarry one day claiming it was flooding and was of no more use. With no other explanation, this caused quite a stir within the community and legend was born. Stories of the Terrance Mystery, a mystery that people of all ages loved to discuss and even torment the younger Terrance's about, passed from family to family with none the wiser as to what had actually happened. But the teasing and heckling is all put behind Madison and Mica as they begin three months of bliss with their Grandpa Rocky.

As the two reach their grandfathers attic haven, they beg him to tell more stories of the magical world below. He complies and fills their minds and dreams with stories of a fantastic, mystical place that few have seen. As the afternoon wears on, Digby seems to be trying to tell them something, but they can't decipher his message so his odd behavior is put behind them as the suggestion is made to enter the Grand Cavern, a suggestion that is eagerly jumped upon by all present.

Onyx and Madison's parents have gone on a geological dig for the summer and thus have left the children with Grandpa Rocky for safekeeping. The kids are fine with this decision as they know they have a summer full of geological fun ahead of them, and as Madison hopes, a discovery or two along the way.

Little do they know, that one of 11 year old, Madison's worst tormentors Jacin has followed them into their fantastic underground home. As Jacin finally emerges, he finds that he is alone and he begins to search the room with amazing finds along the way. He also discovers upon searching Grandfather Rocky's room finds himself so fascinated with a crystal that he finds, that he pockets it, thinking that no one will ever notice.

As they begin their voyage down a stairpath portal they find they find themselves in their families cavern. While they are in awe of the beauty as wander throughout the underground cavern, they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into mystery and magnificence that they couldn't imagine much less see for themselves. The journey is such that the reader much discover it for him/herself in order for the magic to fully be exposed and opened to see.
But Unbeknownst to Madison, Jacin has discovered the entry to the cavern and is following them.

During their journey they feel something isn't quite right but when they meet Marcelene Queen of the wonderful world Elea, their previous worries vanish. Chessa, a gopher in the world of Elea meets them and they mistake her for Digby, a mistake she quickly corrects in her somewhat proud gopher personality. They soon find themselves in a magical place that cannot be described but in the words of the author and the imagination of the reader. To fully appreciate all they see and experience is left to the individual reader.

What happens next to the visitors of Elea can only be read to fully appreciate and enjoy. The author has woven within this marvelous book, geology and mystical events as well as friendship and devotion that is rarely seen in such a book. A wonderfully exciting book written by S R R Colvin, is from start to finish exciting and a book that draws the reader into the story wonderfully.

Though The Krybosian Stairpath was originally written for the young Middle school set, I see it appealing to many ages. In fact, if truth is to be known, I as a mother of two boys, found it so mesmerizing and interesting that I read by flashlight far into the early morning hours, not wanting to put The Krybosian Stairpath down as I searched with the characters for an end to the story.

But as we all know, the best books are read undercover of darkness (and sheets) with a flashlight. And I can attest, that though I am past the age where I read under the sheets so my parents won't catch me, this one brought me back to an age where the most important thing in my life was a book that was so mesmerizing that I could not bear to put it down. Read it for yourselves....and share it with the whole family. It is a book unlike any other and a book to be kept for the next generation to enjoy anew, as it is truly magical indeed!

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