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There's No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent
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Sarah N. was right--this is fabulous! She just barely told me about it and then I came across it while shelving some books. I love the pictures and the story and the "hidden" humor. This should work very well in a preschool storytime.

5/18/10 & 5/20/10 I had a blast reading this. I think the kids enjoyed the story, but missed the whole "noticed" part. Still--they loved the bread part! A group setting might have kept them from getting some of the humor in the pictures. But overall, enjoyable. The slightly older crowd on Tue. seemed to like it more (or maybe that's because they were louder). This would probably be great for K-5.

4/11/12 Another good addition for the "That's Silly" theme. Adults loved seeing the dragon get bigger. Kids just loved seeing the dragon and characters ignoring him. They liked the house being moved.

2/26/14 Used as opener for "Make Believe" storytime. We had such a tiny crowd! (Turned out to be Kids enter Zoo free day.) The book was enjoyed, but I had 2 very talkative children of the 4, and it was pretty distracting. Oh well. In a small group like that, I let it go. And they seemed to like the book.

7/13/15 Used in fitness center movement storytime. It was good. They liked it. Unless it is outright hilarious school-age do not react as much outwardly. But no one looked bored.

7/22/15 Used in Big and Small storytime. It went well. Not a lot of reaction, but a lot of newbies to my storytime and they aren't used to what I do yet.

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