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Mad-Ly Yours by Sergio Aragonés
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May 15, 2010

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MAD-ly Yours! is a step above the miniscule "MAD Marginals" featured regularly throughout the magazine. It is, in fact, even better than the perennial "MAD Looks at..." sequences which have been featured regularly for almost fifty years.

This is because the pages of his book allows Aragones to further develop the ideas, the set-ups, and the knock-downs. Certainly, the jokes rarely rise above the level of basic insult-to-injury humour, but the journey to the punch line is much more detailed. Many of the sketchy characters Aragones pens are the basic everyman persona...

...although special attention is given to most every minor detail. While Aragones allows for grey-toning to "blot out" the extraneous detail in his busy, tchotchke-filled doodles, those who watch such things will be rewarded. Take, for instance, the story of the "working girl" visiting her psychiatrist. As she graphically tells the story of her life (no words, only images filling her speech balloons), astute readers might even be shocked to see, amongst her patrons, cartoonist Al Jaffee, and a guy who looks a lot like the late William Gaines! As the good doctor accepts her confidence and instills a new-found self-respect into her damaged world, she gives up on seeking such worldly pleasures in men.

And, shortly thereafter, a torch-bearing mob comes to hunt the psychiatrist, including Al Jaffee (and a guy who looks a lot like the late William Gaines).

MAD-ly Yours! is not a riot. But it is beautifully charming. There are some socially-risque portayals herein, but then Aragones himself never hesitates to paint himself as the stereotypical "sleepy Mexican" either. All is fair game to the man, and who can resist laughing at one's self every so often?

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