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Audition by Barbara Walters
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May 14, 2010

really liked it
Read from May 03 to 14, 2010 — I own a copy

My reading of this book was completely by accident. I got the book from my book club's annual book exchange and it sat on my shelf collecting dust for a couple of years. Alas, having recently finished my masters I was reading any non-textbook I could get my hands on... and my hands happened upon this. And, I'm so glad they did!

This book was a page turner! In interviews, Barbara describes the book as a lot of things (juicy, a fun read, a story of struggle), but the one thing she doesn't mention is how rich it is in political history. Over the past several decades, she has been intimately involved with the world's most significant political developments. Her stories made me realize how little I know about recent political history. Why don't the Palestinians recognize Jerusalem? What was Watergate all about exactly? How did Fidel Castro overtake Cuba and why have we repeatedly tried to assassinate him? This may make me sound ignorant, but prior to reading this book, I'd heard the headlines growing up, but as an adult, I never really explored the issues. Hearing it from Barbara's point of view made it so much more interesting to me.

The book also spoke to me as a woman. The struggles Barbara went through as the first woman news anchor sounded like they came straight from the script of "Mad Men". It is so shocking to think that just 20 years ago, men felt a woman's professional place was as a "tea pourer" and looking pretty. It made me realize how much I've taken for granted, having been raised in a time where "equal opportunity" was the term of the day... and it also put some things into perspective by giving insight into the beliefs many of the older men we work with today were raised with.

Overall, I am very glad to have read this book. It made me appreciate Barbara Walters and I would love to read this book again.

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