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Earthrise by M.C.A. Hogarth
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Ufffffff.... It's complicated.

On one hand, Earthrise is a book with an intriguing plot, well-rounded characters, creative world-building and, most importantly, a cover that borders to absolute divine perfection!

On the other hand.... it took me several months to finish it. Why? Let's just say that despite one of the most likable and unique casts that exists in fiction, despite the huge amount of creativity in terms of races, worlds, psychology and the complete unpredictability of the plot, there was one single thing that failed to resonate with me and that's the writing style... and pacing. Ok, it's two things that are kind of connected.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend giving Earthrise a go if you're a sci-fi fan and if you're intrigued by the synopsis. It's just as awesome as it sounds. Be prepared for long and unnecessary dialogues, inner monologues flashbacks and other things that will slow the book down for you.

I got bored way too easily and way too often. Wish future readers better luck.
Also, make sure to listen to the audiobook narration sample before investing any of your money in the audio version.
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30.0% "Right, we rescued the space Elf hostage by scaring the shit out of the slavers, we escaped the pirate ships by throwing exploding berries at them and we are finally having a break on a space station filled with all kinds of wondrous races.
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Choko Haha:-) It sounds weird enough for me to read:-)

message 2: by Gergana (new) - added it

Gergana It's pretty good, but I am so slow with hard copy books XD I much prefer audio versions, where I don't need to sit down and do nothing but read.
Anyways, it's pretty good! Obviously, it's not a "WOW!" - one or I would've finished by now, but it's unique and well written, with compelling characters and humor to add on top of the upcoming romance (I'm around 30% in)

Choko Hahaha:) I understand:) I just finished it and it was pleasant. I enjoyed it:):):)

message 4: by Gergana (new) - added it

Gergana HOW ON EARTH!?! How do people read so fast! Seriously!?! If it wasn't for audiobooks, I would've been reading maximum one book per MONTH! I'm so jealous! :D
You enjoyed it! Glad to hear this! Maybe I should come back to it soon

message 5: by Lata (new) - added it

Lata I'm intested to hear what you think of this when you're done. I somehow or the other acquired this some years ago and haven't read it yet.

message 6: by Gergana (new) - added it

Gergana Lata wrote: "I'm intested to hear what you think of this when you're done. I somehow or the other acquired this some years ago and haven't read it yet."

:D I am reading it so slowly, you might finish it before me. That's because I usually listen to audiobooks while I am working and rarely have time to sit down and concentrate on an e-book. Nevertheless, I am rather enjoying this one. The world and races are really diverse and unique (something I value highly in sci-fi and fantasy books). The characters seemed numerous and flat at first, but I was quickly proven wrong and although I still don't have a full background story, I find each one of them intriguing. The romance is my type of romance :D Slow and bumpy, but with eventual mutual respect and co-dependence. The writing style - it took me a little bit of time to get used to it (especially when you have so many foreign terms, races and strange names). However, I don't see anything wrong or annoying with it.

I'll hopefully finish this one next month (I'm traveling for a month to Japan, and I doubt I'll have much time to read). So if you decide to give this one a go, I'll have my fingers crossed and I'll hope you enjoy it! :)

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