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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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May 12, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: 2010, fantasy, favorites, magic-school

I love stories. I love books with stories within stories. I'm usually very impatient, even with books, but since I knew that Kvothe was telling his story, and that stories deserve to be told well, I was practically serene as he spent time building his story, spending a long time in the city waiting to snap out of his grief-stricken stupor. And Patrick Rothfuss rewarded me by never letting the story lapse too long without a little action and by placing characters with interesting stories to tell, their own or otherwise, told or untold, at every turn.

My main disappointments are that this book left off so early in his life and that there's a long wait until the next book (March 2011), even though it was published several years ago ow.
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Zeke LOVED this book! Can't wait to see what you think. One of my favorite fantasy novels, as of late.

Andrea I just started today at lunch, but so far it's intriguing! Glad to hear it will be worth lugging that giant tome around. I seriously considered seeing if it was available as an ebook. The library copy fills my purse.

Zeke speaking of ebooks, I'm sort of intrigued since we talked at Rustico's. I'm interested if 1) I can find free books. I won't pay for them 2) I can find an app that works well.

what say you?

I don't know if we've discussed it before, but are you a George R.R. Martin fan?

Andrea For what device are you looking for an app (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, other)? On iPhone, Stanza is my favorite. It has lots of places to download books built in to the app, and it gives you a lot of control over how the information is presented.

There are TONS of places to find public domain books. Project Gutenberg and Google Books are two, but many apps have downloading of these books built right in. Books that are still under copyright are harder. Authors often give out e-copies of previous books to promote their new books. Also some give out e-copies when they publish a new book in hopes that it will spur sales of the paper version or because they just like free information. The best place to look for those is on favorite authors' websites. The Kindle store also has lots of free promotional books, and apps for iPhone, PC, and Mac. I've listed some good sites for finding free ebooks in my delicious account under ebooks. (There are also places to pirate them, of course.)

I've never read anything by George R.R. Martin. Do you recommend him?

message 5: by Judith (new) - added it

Judith Neat! Eric went to Rothfuss's book talk here. I caught the tail end of it. He's a funny guy. Very smart and a great storyteller.

Andrea Awesome. I just got started, but he does seem to have a good sense of humor in his writing, too.

Zeke Thank you Andrea. As soon as I've got some time to really explore, I'm going to check out Stanza and thanks for the awesome list of sites.

George R.R. Martin--YES, I do recommend him. If you like the description of the series (see goodreads or AMZ), the try Book 1 in the Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones). I don't really recommend his other stuff because nothing compares to this series.

Now is a really cool time to try it because this series is being made into an HBO series and his fans are rabid freaks DYING to see it (myself included).

It is by far, my favorite fantasy series ever. I have friendships that are pretty much based on a love of GRRM. That being said, don't be shy to tell me if it was just not your thing. Anna loved it; Morgan did not.

The thing a/b Rothfuss and GRRM--neither have much magic, just a touch. It's not high fantasy, just great storytelling. One other thing I'll mention a/b GRRM--his books have huge casts of characters (think maps and charts in the front to keep everything straight). Some people don't like that sort of thing and prefer the story to just focus on a few key I wanted to tell you that up front.

Whew...ok, sorry I went on and on.


Andrea No problem! Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to try the Fire and Ice series. It's always nice to know where to start with a famous author who has so much out there.

Zeke It's actually a "Song of Ice and Fire." I typed it wrong in all my enthusiasm.


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