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The Reluctant Escort by Stone Richards
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May 12, 2010

it was ok
Read in May, 2010

The sex was hot, but I was a bit annoyed by the story. The main character comes off as a jerk to me. He throws a fit about how he can't commit after he's been living for some years with his college boyfriend and business partner - like those aren't already pretty huge commitments. Then he decides he might need some money (and I was a bit confused about how he earned income before and why he won't get any now, but I'll ignore that as irrelevant) and offers his services as an escort. Then he acts as though he's ashamed of being the date of a very popular actor who is just receiving the keys to the city (!!!) just because the actor happens to be a trasvestite. The sex afterwards is plagued by his thoughts of his ex, but even so he goes with the flow and has all kinds of naughty smut with the transvestite and another man (the boyfriend of the transvestite). And in the end he decides to get back together with the ex. The last line was something like 'but I'll always keep a secret from him that I've been so naughty during our temporary break-up'. Which might be a good ideea, but it's still..... blah. I also suspect pictures with the trasvestite actor are going to be all over the place the next day -> will be obvious he was the date. The truth could surface at any time. I pity the boyfriend (Larry was his name I think). Poor Larry.
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