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Spending Spree by Ryan Wiley
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Aug 10, 2014

it was ok

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It’s everyone’s fantasy come true. What if your bank account magically replenished itself no matter how much you spent? Would you go on a spending spree? Or would you restrain yourself?

That is the dilemma faced by Johnny Davis, who, on opening his bank account online, learns that he has $100,000 in his account, with “Today’s Beginning Balance” at $150 and the remainder listed as pending transactions. When he uses his card, he discovers that no matter how much he spends in a day, the money, all $100,000 of it, is magically replenished in his account the next morning.

Delighted with the good luck, Johnny and Dave take time off from work and head to Las Vegas. But the good fortune doesn't last forever. The bad guys catch up with them, and they discover just what kind of mess they have allowed themselves to get into.

Initially you wonder why Wiley made this a first person account. Johnny comes across as a loser, and not just because he lives with his parents. His whole attitude reeks of laziness, of being happy with the status quo, spending time doing nothing but gaming and having a best friend, Dave, who is equally aimless in life.

Even so, you find yourself becoming involved with his story. There is something about the guy. His willingness to not take himself too seriously, perhaps. You find your attitude begin to thaw just a little bit. His self-deprecatory brand of humour also helps.

The language isn’t the best, and the dialoguess tend to get strained and monotonous at times. The conversation between Ashley and Johnny at the time of the breakup is an example.

There are some bits of sexual content which are in bad taste, and should have been edited out. In fact, tighter editing would have helped weed out grammatical and spelling errors too.

Strains of the book remind you of the film, The Hangover, mostly because of the Vegas setting.

While the book is good enough to read if you want something that doesn’t tax your mind, I think that Wiley should have put in a little more effort into building up the moral element of the story. I was disappointed with the way the story ended. I found it too pat and dry. A little more philosophical thinking about how the dream ended for Johnny would have been better, instead of what Wiley actually put down in the Epilogue.

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