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More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs
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I am not a writer; I have no idea how does that feel like or how hard it might be.
But I am a reader and as a reader I do have expectations.

When I read a book I want to ‘live’ in it for a while, I want to ‘be’ the main character through it all, to ‘have’ that life and make the best out of it. And every now and then I read a book with so, but sooo much potential that I wish (from the bottom of my heart) I had enjoyed it a lot more, because I know that it would have been possible.

This being said, what you will find next might not be your average review (it might not feel like an actual review at all, just random bits of what ifs). It’s just that while reading this story I couldn’t help but think of all the ways it could would have been better (for me at least) and I just feel the need to share those thoughts with you.

Don’t get me wrong.. it was good, it was entertaining, but it could have been really good.

There was one main thing (and I say one only, because the others were related to this alone) that took those 2 stars away and left me with this ‘meh’ kind of feeling that sits hard on my heart… And that was the overrated romance with a pinch of cliché.
No, there’s no irony here – though this is indeed a romantic story and the romance in it was that thing that made me roll my eyes and want to drop reading this book quite a few times for its own good.

Why was that?
Because the love story started kind of before the book even did, and so it overshadowed everything with childish thoughts and longings that the readers can’t possibly fully connect with (or maybe that’s just me).

I wanted so much to believe in those feelings, to feel that passion, but I couldn’t entirely. I didn’t ‘see’ the personality of the two main characters throughout all this crushing and lusting – I just wasn’t there when those feelings happened, I don’t know how it all started - how our girl became attracted to this guy, what did she see in him except for good looks and tons of girls surrounding him (which might not be quite the quality after all). And it’s a shame, because I think that both oh them, both Jared and Maggie, deserved to be known better by us, the readers, as individuals and not only as love interests.

The truth is that the overall plot was OK – more than OK even (the contest, the need for a new member, the chance for Maddie to stand out and do what she likes the best, the ups and downs of the fame), only the details felt a bit ‘smudged’ over the edges (there was so much “I want to touch him”, “I should not like him”, and so much obsessing and jealousy that I barely saw the beauty of the storyline itself. It made the characters seem flat because there was too much telling and too little actual showing). Not to beat around the bush any longer, I simply wish that the romance had been toned down a little bit… Ok, maybe more than a bit.

Anyways, do I recommend this book?
Yes I do.

- People that usually enjoy NA stories might actually like this one – I’ve read quite a few and most of them tend to have the same problems – underdeveloped characters and romances, so they should be fine, as the quality of this one is frankly even superior to many of those.
- People that like to read about music and bands and light, romantic stories might enjoy it too. I have a thing for connecting books with music or any other kind of art – I don’t know why, I just feel attracted to them and I would also recommend Amplified, with a similar concept – or well, sort of.

Bottom line: fun, romantic and edgy. I hope that you will like it more

Happy midnight reading!

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