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The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
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May 10, 2010

it was amazing
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And those were understatements. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO KNOWS HOW TO READ MUST READ THIS!!! Geezz. I cried a lot.
Half way through the book, I decided I would download the osp for the movie. And while reading, I was listening to the song over and over again. It didn't bother me. It actually made me appreciate the book more. A long time a go, after reading The Choice, I swore to myself I will never read a Nicholas Sparks's book again until my friend told me this was good. I borrowed and put MAGYK aside to read this.
And I will never regret it.
I told you, half way till end, I was listening to Miley Cyrus sing 'When I look at you'. I don't even like her but the song was great. I remembered going inside my room when I reached chapter 30 because I knew something will happen and will bring me to tears. Then I read Chapter 31. I cried so so much. And when i finished crying, I'll hear the chorus of the song, and read more touching scenes and I will cry again. I repeated that process over and over and over again. It's just so sad that this book isn't mine..haha I didn't cry over a book ever that way. Well, I cried when I read New Moon when Edward left Bella but this was different. It's so touching and I felt my world falling apart as I read. Its simply beautiful. I love it. I love the characters especially Ronnie's brother. He's so funny and adorable. I wouldn't miss watching this film.

Please. Read this. Not reading this would be like never having to taste chocolate. Or never having to see colors. This book is brilliant.
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Quotes Jenny Liked

Nicholas Sparks
“In a lifetime of mistakes, you two are the greatest things that have ever happened to me.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks
“Do you want a cookie?
- What?
- A cookie. Like an Oreo. Do you want one?
- No.
- How can you not want a cookie?
- I just don't.
- Okay, fine,let's say you did want a cookie. Let's say you were dying for a cookie, and there were cookies in the cupboard. What would you do?
- I'd eat a cookie?
- Exactly. That's all I'm saying.
- What are you saying?
- That if people want cookies, they should get a cookie. It's what people do.
- Let me guess. Dad won't let you have a
- No. Even though I'm practically starving to death, he won't even consider it. He says I have to have a sandwich first.
- And you don't think that's fair.
- You just said you'd get a cookie if you wanted one. So why can't I? I'm not a little kid. I can make my own decisions.
- Hmm. I can see why this bothers you so
- It's not fair. If he wants a cookie, he can have one. If you want a cookie,
you can have one. But if I want a cookie, the rules don't count. Like you
said, it's not fair.
- So what are you going to do?
- I'm going to eat a sandwich. Because I have to. Because the world isn't fair
to ten-year-olds.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

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message 1: by Rita (new)

Rita Webb Wow, I guess you really like this book! I just might have to check it out.

Jenny oh yes... It's best book I have read...I cried a lot. like, I was sobbing and my tears wont stop. And when it finally stopped, after a while, I'll cry again. I even had to stop reading for a moment just to get some tissue. But maybe, the song had something to do with it. I was listening to 'When I looked at You' while reading from half till the end over and over again. It was like watching a movie and you'll hear the song play and you'll feel so touched and mellow. I'll suggest you do the same if you think it wont bother you...:-))) I'm going to see the movie tomorrow and I'm so excited! XD

Joyzi Yeah I'd also love to see the movie after reading the novel.

Jenny have you read the novel Joyzi? :-)

Joyzi Yep, I gave it 5 stars, I loved it ^^

Jenny that's so good to hear! I just watched the movie. It was good though I loved the book more....

message 7: by Abi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abi i just really love this book..

Jenny me too! so touching...:((

Spirit I must agree with you.. this book was a-w-e-s-o-m-e (:

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