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Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi
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really liked it

A deeper look into the story of Henry Hill and his life and involvement with the New York City Mafia from the 1950s-90s. The beginning of the book is nearly exactly like its film version (Goodfellas, a classic in my opinion), but if you keep going the story takes new turns not shown in the film, with additional schemes and characters. I enjoyed the different perspectives, with narratives from the writer, Karen (Henry's wife), FBI detectives, and mostly Henry himself. If you have an interest in learning about organized crime, this book is a must. Hard to put down!
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message 1: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman I also read the book,the information he gave Nicholas Pileggi, is questionable, not that I Knew J.B or T.D. very well, in fact I

message 2: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman hardly knew this people, however I was their personal errand boy ( not quite like spider ) back in the 70's !972thru 1976

message 3: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman I don't like H.H. for what he has done, he put himself and his family in a vulnerable situation, and doesn't

message 4: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman necessarily mean in a form of violence. but enough of that!

message 5: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman I am writing my own Memoir, that describes my stressful journey9 some of it while I lived in S.O.P., Queens

message 6: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman At least i can write my own story, not like H.H. who could hardly spell.

message 7: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman Believe me I saw a lot of my own personality in Ray liottas Depiction of H.H. However their r 2 things I would have never done as H.H. did no drugs and no RATTING!

message 8: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman no RATTING! Believe me I would have been a much better goodfella, just had enormorous things with my late 2 brothers

message 9: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman on my plate back then, I was struggling with my own indentity, it's coming out in my book, very innocent of G.F. interactions, but I must say I had a lot of fun with

message 10: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman fun with those guys, especially Jimmy the Gent, and Tommy D. its all good! Every thing happens for a reason in this world

message 11: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman My adveture and experiences happend for the reason, for me to write my craft! I am going to put a positive spin on G.F. ( book& Movie) I think people would like to c theother side of G.F. hint - wisefella to good samaritan

message 12: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman will want to c a positive outcome, despite my being rejected by the NYC P.D., I have my opinion and theory as to why I did't get on the P.D. it will come out in my book!

message 13: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman come out my book,I am tired of paying the price for other peoples blunders! I hope to get it published so all can read it, it's better than wiseguy& G.F. if a movie is in the works I will request or suggest to the powers to be Sean Penn to depict me "Robert the wise fella "

message 14: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman Did Henry Hill really deserve to get the positive publicty? Doing drugs while in the "life" is big mistake! When a drug addicted individual is going pain & suffering they r more apt to disclose secreative info( that could incriminate a lot of wiseguys, and that's definetly a NO NO! at that point ur no longer an asset u r a major liability!

message 15: by Robert (new) - added it

Robert Pittman Remember the movie, "THE GODFATHER" Don Vito Corleone, was definetly against drug involvement, yeah it's fast and easy money, but at the end it becomes a major liability, u can't buy people as easily and the life style becomes serverly compromised!

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