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Blood Blade by Marcus Pelegrimas
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May 10, 2010

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bookshelves: fiction, uf-pnr

Cole is a bored computer game designer who decides to go on an adventure hunting holiday. He is not expecting to be a lucky survivor of an attack on the group by a supernatural beast. He is able to get help from a specialist agency who want to train him as a 'Skinner' to help fight the monsters.

I liked the darkness in this book, the action scenes were well written and the monsters were certainly new and interesting. The opening attack at the cabin was an excellent start, it was gripping and tension filled and I was enjoying the book at that stage. The vampires and werewolves were also well written and menacing and there was a nice dark humour running through the plot.

However there were a few down sides as well. Cole isn't the most exciting guy in the world and I did not like Paige. She was cold, one dimensional and not very interesting. The so called sexual chemistry between her and Cole was not convincing and was poorly written. One aspect of the plot which bugged me is that a special agency surely would not send an untrained civilian out to fight these monsters without months of intense training. You really get the feeling that Cole only said yes to joining up because he fancied Paige.

Decent read but I won't be looking at the rest of the series unless it turns up in a charity shop so I can buy it cheap.


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