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Three Witches by Paula Jolin
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May 09, 2010

did not like it
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After Trevor's death, the lives of three girls are forever changed: one wracked with grief, one beating herself up with guilt, and one suffering from her business relationship with him. They find each other in order to fix their lives, and end up on a winding path through magic steeped in their own unique cultures.

I liked the cultural diversity in the story. The three main characters, Aliya, Miya, and Gillian, are all from vasty different cultures: Arab, Japanese, and Trinidad. The way each culture is woven into the story is interesting.

The rest of it, though, was difficult.

The pacing was incredibly slow, and the story itself was even-keel - there weren't really climactic moments, and there was little to no suspense building toward the end. Nothing that compelled me to keep reading. The story didn't flow smoothly from beginning to end. It jumped around a bit, partly because we jumped from character to character. But it happened within one character at times, as well. The ending was too ambiguous for me, and felt like the author herself didn't know what she wanted to be true. It was also a bit predictable. The characters did grow, but grew in completely predictable ways. Even Trevor was a bit predictable.

There's nothing new here, really, aside from the variety in cultural magic. Which I liked, and gave an extra star. For me, the story felt like a first draft. Way too rough, and there are too many places where it felt like the author didn't think things through.

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