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Dear Sister by Francine Pascal
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May 07, 2010

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Warning: This is more book report than review but I just couldn't help myself. :P

In a fit of nostalgia I decided to pick up a Sweet Valley High book. I used to read these nonstop starting when I was eleven or so. Part of the reason I decided to read this particular one is of a supposedly risque scene between Liz and Bruce Patman, and even though I know I had read this exact book before, I had no recollection of this event.

So even though this is really an immediate sequel to number six in the series (confusing much), it's easy to pick up where the plot left off (aren't they always?). Elizabeth, part of the all-American, blonde, perfect size-six figure (in the newest books they're size four), sunny personality, Californian duo that make up the Wakefield twins, along with sister Jessica, lies in a coma. She got that way by riding on the back of her boyfriend Todd's new motorcycle and getting hit by a drunk driver. Jessica was partially at fault because she was supposed to pick her up at a party but never showed up. First evidence of Jessica's self-absorbed nature. So Liz miraculously recovers from her coma after the doctor tells Jessica that she could help Liz by talking to her because she has the strongest link or some other malarkey. During her supposedly heartfelt talks, she inadvertently calls Liz a jerk ("Only a jerk would count on me." pg. 5), once again showing what a b*tch Jessica really is. So when Liz wakes up at the end of the chapter, she immediately only cares with how she looks, Jess is only slightly off-put by this turn of events.

So the rest of the book is Liz forgoing her usual nature of sweet, responsible, older sis-type and instead out-Jessica-ing-Jessica, which I think was actually used in the book. That ain't good, two Jessica's? Could there be anything worse? Yeah, so Jessica is forced to turn more into what Elizabeth is usually like in this book, but we all know that won't last and she won't learn any lessons either. Liz proceeds to make excuses to get out of doing any kind of work, sneaking off, wearing next to nothing, including a barely there bikini, and basically acting like an irresponsible 16-year-old. Sweet Valley is full of obtuse people who don't realize Liz is any different than usual (uh, hello?), even her own parents stay astonishingly dimwitted, which I guess isn't really all that surprising. I won't give anything away to anyone who wants to read the outcome, but at the end all's well that ends well as usual in the soap opera town of Sweet Valley, California.

And yes, the scene was racy for its time and series.
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Lolly's Library OMG it's been like 20 or more years since I've picked up a SVH book; I used to devour these, along with the Baby Sitter's Club. I actually recently thought about trying to read both of the series again, at least for a few books, to try and recapture the innocence of my youth (hardy har har). I vaguely remember the coma and switching personalities plot of this one, but I had no idea there was a racy scene in it as well. Hmm, maybe I will pick these up and read them... ;)

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Me too. Even though SVH is kinda bad, I still want to read more; they're like crack or something. LOL As it is, the racy scene is only shocking because it's a Sweet Valley book, and Bruce is a creep. I've been reading some hilarious blogs that feature snarky outlines of the books. Maybe that's what makes me want to read the series. :D

Lolly's Library It's always the bad books, the ones that make you wonder why you like them, that are so addictive. Oh, I know, kissing is the furthest kind of sexual activity allowed in SVH, so I'm sure anything more would've seemed like porno. :D Ooh, snarky blogs, they're the best kind! ;P

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) That's true, but I actually loved these things, I even remember SVU too. They seem to keep reinventing themselves while still basically staying the same. Now there are new covers and series, an upcoming movie and (what I can't wait for) the book that follows them into their thirties. Of course Liz will probably be married to dull Todd, have 2.3 kids, and be a successful reporter. Jess will also be successful (because the world revolves around the Wakefield Twins and they must succeed and be the center of attention whenever and wherever they are), but probably as a high-end prostitute, excuse me, escort. :D I can give you some links if you'd like, I wish I could be as funny as some of these blogs. :P

Lolly's Library I can't be sure, but I think I read some of the SVU, too. It's been so long, my memory's very hazy about it. I knew they did a TV show, but I didn't know about a movie, and I certainly didn't know about the book that follows them as adults. You never know, Liz could be married to dull Todd as you said, but could also be having torrid affairs with multiple men, and maybe Jess is a high-end madam instead of an escort, running her own harem of girls...ooh, who are secret-crime fighters taking out their own justice against men who've done them wrong! LMAO Sure, send the links, I wouldn't mind browsing them. And you're funny...maybe not intentionally, but still... LOL j/k ;P

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graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I used to watch the show until the station that played it stopped showing it. I didn't realize it was on for four seasons, I had no idea it had lasted that long. It was pretty goofy but I still enjoyed it, I've even thought of ordering it from the library, although it looks like only the first season is out. Liz have an affair? *the most shocking of all shocked gasps* LOL

SVU had Jess get married/divorced, Todd dumped Liz because she wouldn't sleep with him, Liz gained 15/20 lbs., Todd lost his scholarship because he took bribes or something, Liz lost her weight, at one time she was almost killed by a psycho (what is that, like the 137th time that's happened?), she started going out with Tom(? I think that's his name) who was more interesting than Todd, I think he screwed it up, she sorta got back together with Todd but he had a love interest who ended up dying (typical), Lila got married to a prince or count or something who died in an explosion and then hooked up with Bruce, Enid changed her name to Alex and became an alcoholic, who then recovered I believe, and that's about all I can remember, which is way too much. *embarrassed cough*

Gee, thanks, you flatter me so. :D

Here's a synopsis of a book I never read, but it's so cringe-worthy good. LOL I especially love the part about bad neighbors, it had me in hysterics. :P Warning: it's long.

I got 10/11 right. How sad is that, so I had to guess a couple times, this is what fills up my brain.

Here's about the sequel:

Random SVH blogs: (a very comprehensive list with many snarks, I haven't even made a dent yet) (I like her thoughts on the books, but it looks as if she's not doing them as frequently anymore.) (I haven't read all of this yet but it has a drinking game so I thought you might get a kick out of it.) (This site looks interesting but I have yet to check it out more fully)

Yes, SVH is my shameful secret. This is what I get up to online. :D "Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm a SVH-oholic."

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graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Day-um! Look at this:

I'd love to get a whole lot like this, but look at that price! I guess I'll just have to suffer the embarrassment of getting them from the library. :D

Lolly's Library I haven't yet looked through the links (thanks for them, though), but I looked at that eBay lot and holy crap! Thassa lotta books! 8O Well, now I know, if I ever come across a lot similar to that for a bit less money (okay, quite a bit less money), I'll have to get it for you for Christmas, so you can indulge your *ahem* infatuation with the series in the privacy of your own homes. ;D

Lolly's Library I love the third link, BTW, with the drinking game. Her break-downs of the books are freakin' hilarious! :D

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graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) You're oh-so-welcome. :D I should really go trolling through thrift stores for the books, I'm sure I can find a few, but that means stepping out of my not-always-so-nice haven. ;P Yeah, good luck finding a set that big for cheap, all the other lots I was looking at had (generally) between ten-twenty books, which is still pretty decent. There are some on Bookmooch, but besides me splurging on Dear Sister, I'd rather not waste a $2.38 point, or whatever media mail is nowadays, for one SVH book that's around 150 pages. Yes, that's considered a splurge for me. :D

I'll have to check out that link today; it'll be my little treat after I make myself do chores, during which, I'll bitch and begrudge myself the whole time. ;D

Oh, and by-the-by, I only have one home. The one in the Bahamas fell through. LOL ;P

Lolly's Library My fingers did it again, it's their fault I tell ya! Yeesh. I don't know why they insist on making things plural; sorry to hear about the Bahama retreat falling through, though. LOL ;D

Well, if you don't want to spend that much on shipping for one book and if you can no longer suffer the embarrassment of getting the books from the library, it might be worth it to step out of your haven and check thrift stores. Go for it, it'll make you feel brave and adventurous! :D I know, I browsed through some of the other lots and none of them had as many books, but you never know what someone may put up in the future.

Ooh, chores. Nasty, nasty stuff. :( I need to vacuum; because of my back and the fact I have to drag the machine down the stairs, I haven't done so for about 3 weeks. It's kinda hairy down here; thankfully, no one but me and the cat can see it, and Ramses doesn't give a crap. ;P Hope the chores go quickly for you!

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I actually really wanted to go to Goodwill yesterday but my mom felt crappy, so a no-go (and then I ended up feeling crappy two hours later :P). That's why I'd like a lot of books, so there'd just be that one mailing fee, which would be better than getting only one book each time. Oh lord, my mind is failing me and my sentences are deteriorating. Eek!

You're telling me. Why don't you hire a cabana boy to help you. LOL Well, at least neither of you care too much, so that makes it better. Right? Sometimes I get so disgusted at the floors it just eats at me, and I would do it more if I felt up to the task (and the other times wanted to do it, in the get it out of the way way :P), but it's just such an undertaking. And thanks, it did go faster than I thought it would. :)

Sorry for all the convoluted sentences, I just don't feel up to the attempt of making them more cohesive. :D

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Oh, and I did end up reading the drinking game post, actually all of them relating to SVH. Very funny, I especially enjoyed the one that had Head Over Heels. High-larious. :D

Lolly's Library LMAO! I love her synopses, but you're right about Head Over Heels; it brought tears to my eyes. :D

Sorry to hear about the crap-fest you and your mom suffered through; oh well, I'm sure there'll be another day when both of you will feel up to it. I understand about getting a bulk amount of books; those mailing fees can add up. Sure, a big chunk of change hurts, but several little charges of two and three dollars adds up quickly. (And your mind is fine; I can read and understand your sentences perfectly well. Either that or my mind is gone, too. That's a strong possibility. ;D)

Oh, honey, if I could afford a cabana boy, he'd be here, stripped down to shorts and oiled up, in a heartbeat. LOL Considering Ramses is responsible for most of the hair down here, of course he isn't bothered by it. It bothers me, though, it really does; I'm not a natural slob. But I tend to push myself when I'm feeling even the slightest bit better, which means I end up re-straining whatever was wrong in the first place and setting myself back several days. However, I think my back is in good enough shape that I'll be able to vacuum tomorrow (thank goodness!). Unfortunately, that still leaves cleaning the bathroom (not just swiping at it half-heartedly with a sponge) and mopping the floors. Ugh. :( *whine* Why can't we have self-cleaning houses?

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Magic Vagina? LMAO! And then the X-Files alien baby thing? Priceless. :D

My mom had her gammagard this, well last, week, so she's always drained before and after that. Me, it was just one of those energy-dives, nothing big. You deserve a medal, some of those sentences were real doozies. At least most of my reviews have been fairly lucid, for once. ;P

What is a natural slob? I'm not a clean freak but I'm not super organized either. Looking around now, there are a few messes, but mainly my room is just organized cluttered; it's too small for everything I own. :D I sometimes want a more zen-like atmosphere, but not spartan, I like a little "clutter." Good luck with your back and vacuuming. You have my sympathy on cleaning the bathroom. :) Ooh, I saw this segment on a guy who has a self-cleaning house years ago. I don't remember much (surprise!) but recall the house was slightly minimalistic and plastic-y, but not in a bad way. I tried to find out it online and the only thing I came up with is this gal's place: So weirdly interesting. LOL

Lolly's Library I know, so true! It was a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read about the Magic Vagina, else I would've sprayed it all over my computer, I started laughing so hard. :D

Yeah, I remember you saying something about that with your mom; I'm sorry to hear it takes so much out of her. As I said, maybe both of your energies will synch up and allow you to visit the thrift store. Well, where is it? The medal, I mean. I want one! LOL j/k ;P

A natural slob is like my sister: living in the middle of a dirty, sloppy mess and not giving a damn about cleaning it up. Bleech! 8* There's a difference between clutter (which I have in abundance, no matter how much I clean and try to organize stuff) and filth (which is letting mold grow in your bathroom until you can't tell what the original color of the porcelain fixtures was, dust pile up until it's two feet thick, and letting your floors get so sticky, you're afraid to walk on them with socks on, let alone with bare feet). I'm the same way; I wish had I less stuff and I do attempt a clear-out every now and then, but there's no way I could ever have what you'd call a "minimalist" decor. :P Thanks, the vacuuming went well (my back is still in one piece, so that's always a good thing), but it's so muggy here, I was miserable while doing it. I'm having a cool-down before I get to the bathroom. I think I may have heard about that house. Even if I couldn't stand to have the whole house that way, I'd love to have a bathroom with a drain in the floor and a watertight door; that way, I can just hose the whole room down and bam! cleaning is done! :D

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graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I know, I had just taken a drink but hadn't gotten to that part yet. I almost had tears coming out of my eyes, it was so freaking funny. :D

Yeah, maybe, but it probably won't be this week, the 20th we both have appts. with our allergist/ENT in Canton, so that'll take most of the day and then we'll be exhausted the next day. What, you actually want a tangible medal? Ask for much? LOL :D

Eww, sounds gross. I keep trying to get rid of books and other things I find I have no use for but it's slow-going. I only enter a couple books a month at BM, since that's what I can afford, but then I end up replacing them or getting more, so it totally defeats the purpose. I could get rid of a lot of clothes since they don't fit, but I am bound and determined to lose this damn weight (which is driving me crazy BTW - I've been watching what I eat [as it enters my mouth. LOL j/k :P] and exercising as much as I can, which is about every other day, I've stepped it up this last week, but nothing's happening! ARGGGGGHHH! Sure I've gained some muscles and am a little more toned, but why haven't I lost like a pound? Is a loss of one friggin' pound so much to ask for? It's been five months. I hate my body and it hates me.). Anyway, before I went ballistic I was talking about something else, now what was it? Well, at least you got it done, so did you get to the bathroom yet? I've thought of having a bathroom with a floor drain before, it seems so logical, and I can be such a fish about water. Or as a friend once called me, a duck, since I always left water around the sink. Can I help it I'm water messy? :D

Lolly's Library Amen. :D

I didn't think it would be soon; I figured it would take you guys a while to both have high(-er) energies at the same time. Good luck with the appts.; even just reading about it sounds draining. :| No, I don't think I ask for much at all! LOL j/k

It is gross; I've had to clean up the aftermath of such a lifestyle when I took over my sister's house down in FL for a brief time. *shudder* I do the same with my books; what I get rid of at the bookstore, I replace two- or threefold with new ones, especially now that I've discovered the swap at Goodreads; I've given a couple of books away there, but I've gotten about five or so from it. Arrggh! Well, I would tell you not to stress out so much about the weight, but I can see that would be a futile exercise. Just keep in mind, the more muscle you build, the more it'll eat at the fat for food; if you're starting to tone up and actually see it, that's a good sign and you are making progress. Plus, muscles weigh more than fat (which I know you know, but I'm just reminding you), so you can't let that stupid scale number get you down. Keep up the good work! :) No, I didn't do the bathroom, not full scale; I'd cleaned the toilet recently, so I just swiped at the sink with a sponge and called it a good job. :P You, too? Oh man, I am always leaving a lake behind me when I've been at the sink, either in the kitchen or bathroom. ;P

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Uh, ew, again. I looked at the swap a while ago but didn't really care for it, maybe if it was slightly cheaper. I get their point about the price but it still seems like a steep price and wonder if it's even worth it; I do fine at BM and usually have no troubles. :) But five months and not one pound, I'm not expecting a miracle here, just a little tiny glimmer of hope to let me know something has happened is all I'm asking for. And frankly, I don't even know if I'm getting more toned anymore, I think I'll have to move forward in the video, instead of doing the same part I have been, to get out of this plateau. Well, if you're happy. :) Yes, I always thought it was a Pisces thing, but it's rather awkward to go up to someone and say, "Hey are you a Pisces and if you are, after leaving a sink do you leave puddles upon puddles of water behind in your wake?" *loud embarrassing silence* LOL ;D

Lolly's Library Agreed. Well, if you do fine at BM, then there's no reason for you to fuss with anything else. :) Five months is still early! Jeez. :P And you should definitely move forward in the video; your body will actually get bored with the same movements and therefore use less energy to get the workout done, which means you're burning less calories. Change up the routine and when you feel like it's getting easier, start making it harder; you want your body to stay confused. Sorry if I'm lecturing (I really am not trying to) and I'm sure you know all this already, but it seems like you need someone with a calmer head to remind you and keep you on track. ;) It could be, although my dad leaves puddles in his wake and he's a Virgo with not a trace of Pisces in him (he's almost all Earth signs, which is why he's dull, dull, dull, yet he plays in the water more than I do--go figure). LMAO You could always pretend you were doing some kind of pseudo-scientific study. ;P

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I always planned to expand to doing more of the video, but my body just hasn't been able take it, mainly my thighs bear the brunt of it, so instead of adding, I'm just going to a different, harder part (that murders my thighs btw). That's exactly why I'm doing it, so my body is confused, that's why I always take a day off of controlled eating (all I could think of to call it :P). Actually, I'm very calm, but I'm also realistic, and if I'm not getting any more results, then I know something's up. And I think it's normal to have a rant every so often, it's therapeutic. :) Truthfully, I get over stuff very quickly, so rant one second, I'm fine the next; although there are exceptions to this rule. I just have to try harder even though it's already hard as hell. Well, I guess some people just love water no matter their sign. Did your dad grow up around water? Yeah, like I'm going to go up to anybody with that question. LOL

Lolly's Library Oh, I'm not trying to impinge on your right to rant--go right ahead, it's healthy. I just don't want you to get too much into it and start to feel depressed or think the whole process is futile. So that's why I'm being your cheerleader. ;) Hope your thighs hold out. :D Sounds like you've got a good plan there, good luck with it. :) No, my dad grew up in the middle of Indiana; I can't explain his fascination. Aw, chicken, just get a clipboard and no one will think you're weird. People with clipboards in their hands can get away with asking the strangest questions. :D

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Are you nuts? I didn't do all that work just to stop. I've never gotten to this point of exercise, before I got hypothyroidism my weight stayed within three pounds of a normal weight, so I never needed to. Obviously that changed. So anyway, my point, there is no way, even as PO'ed/depressed/annoyed as I get about this, that I'd stop. I only quit something when I know it's completely pointless, and I know if I work hard enough at it that this is not futile - just difficult. Huh, weird. Maybe it's a past life thing. Nah, I'm fine being a chicken. Why don't you go ask the questions? ;D

Lolly's Library Good to know, good to know. :) That won't stop me from waving my pompoms at you every now and then, though. LOL Well, my dad's weird, so it fits, but you're right, it could be a past life thing, although we'll never know because he's not into that kind of stuff, too logical for it. Comes of being an engineer. :/ Maybe I of these days...when I feel like it. :D

message 25: by graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) (last edited May 23, 2010 07:41AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Alrighty then, pompom girl. :P LOL So everyone who believes in past lives (and that ilk) are illogical? I'll just assume, even though that can be dangerous :P, that you mean the majority of scientifically minded people don't believe in that type of thing. :) Hey, I'm extremely logical, even if it often looks as if there's evidence to the contrary, but I believe in a lot of "hooey." LOL :D And you don't strike me as being logic-deprived either...or my mom come to think of it. :) Okay, I'll stop now, I just believe that beliefs and logic can mesh. I didn't mean to sound all bitchy about it, I'm not at all, but words can sometimes sound really harsh online. :\ And maybe you will know someday, like after death, unless the atheists are right and there is nothing. Wow, that's a depressing thought. Hmm, which means you'll never ask anyone either. :D

BTW I just realized that I add "t" when I mean though pretty much every time I type it. Urg, I just did it again! ;P

Lolly's Library First of all, I do the same thing with "though"--my brain wants to just automatically put a "t" at the end, so you're not alone. ;P

Second, I just meant that my father looks at the world with a very Spock-like, black-and-white approach. I have a Spock side, but mine's balanced by an airy-fairy, hippie-chick side--his isn't. He claims he doesn't even dream, even though my mom has witnessed him calling out in his sleep, acting out his dreams, so therefore, the idea of a past life would be complete hooey to him. I have no idea what the majority of scientifically-minded people believe; I know there are many who are religious and spiritual, and there are many who aren't. And I know you're not being bitchy--I understand that without the emotion of a voice, typed words can come off as being harsh--so don't worry about it. Did you know that the universe actually looks like a brain? All of our galaxies are collected into clusters, so that from a very far distance, the universe looks like the neural net of a brain. What if our universe is a brain, the brain of a giant, and we're so small we're not even thoughts, but just blips of mitochodrial activity within it? Talk about no afterlife. Now that's a ponderous thought. 8/

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) Don't worry, I got it. One of those people who wouldn't accept something out of the ordinary even if there were proof right in front of them, right? I just have a hard time envisioning only one logic in the world since I feel there's more than that, is all. :) Now I don't believe there aren't people who dream, just those who don't remember dreams. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought I heard once or twice that dreaming is essential to functioning. *takes a step back* Now that is a scary, and slightly weird, thought. LOL :D

Lolly's Library That's it exactly. Like on those ghost hunting shows, where they pick up stuff moving and no one's around and they can't debunk it, but it's still not paranormal. C'mon! I know there's more to life and the day we actually figure out all life's mysteries is the day life goes grey. Oh, I know my dad dreams; it obvious from the way he talks in his sleep. He's just being obtuse about it. And, yes, dreaming is necessary; it's how our brain filters all of our activities so that we can function while awake. *nods head* Yup, that's me, scary and slightly weird. ;P

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I have to admit, sometimes I don't believe some of the stuff on those shows. Even though the investigators can see and hear the evidence better than I can, sometimes I think there's some rational explanation. I especially don't have much faith in the people calling them in, depends on my impression of them too, because usually a lot of it can be explained away...easily. I don't get why most people jump to the conclusion that it's paranormal. Ahh, so I was right, thought so. :P LOL At least you don't believe we live in a shoe like some. Man, what are they called? I learned about them when I took astronomy and can't remember for the life of me. I'm having a hard time finding it online too, I keep getting actual shoes. :D

Another note on finger/brain arguments: I type "show" for "shoe" a lot too. ;P

Lolly's Library Oh, I don't believe everything on those shows, either; you'd have to be really gullible to do so. A lot of times, when the hosts are screaming and freaking out, I'm sitting there saying, "That was an animal, you idiot!" or "C'mon, that was a piece of dust or a bug." However, when a stationary camera picks up something in a room which has been left alone for hours and no one is around, and all other causes, such as traffic or other vibrations, have been ruled out, that's when you start wondering. You have to look at that kind of stuff logically, but once you've examined it and done the best you can to rule out mundane stuff, usually what's left behind is something inexplicable. See, you can be right...from time to time. LOL j/k Of course you were right! :) I don't know what that's called. I think I heard that once upon a time, but I can't find it either; I just get "What are the best shoes in the universe?" (insert unheard "dude" in there). ;P

Yeah, that sounds about right for me as well. And that's not even counting how many times I transpose letters--alos for also, liek for like, and on and on. :/

graveyardgremlin (formerly faeriemyst) I only really trust TAPS (I have a hard time suffering the other fools) but that doesn't mean I always agree with what they deduce; they're just better and more logical about the whole thing. What do you mean "from time to time?" Try all the freaking time! LOL j/k ;D Yeah, I gave up looking, let me know if you ever find out what they're called. :)

I don't do that for those too much, but I know there are some other words I do that too. Spastic fingers. :D

Lolly's Library I agree, although it is fun to watch those other fools making fools of themselves. :D No, that's not right, because I'm right all the freakin' time and we both can't be right at the same time, right? LOL Gee, lazybones, what a quitter you are. ;D j/k I'll keep trying, but it's not a high priority.

I know. Aren't they annoying? :P

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