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It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
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Dec 08, 2007

really liked it
Read in April, 2007

This book made me laugh out loud and read aloud a paragraph every page or two to my boyfriend. I giggled about it at work when others reminded me of the hilarity of people's stupidity. I tried to not let it get me down, it's a bit too close for comfort to the current political scene. It demonstrates what can happen when people cease being critical consumers of truth. Pretty much, it is the Bush regime. Fascinatingly written in the 30's.
It carried on a bit long for my comfort, but I have little patience. I was through with the story before the end. But, you could (and should)read 1/2 the book and get all the good stuff out of it.
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message 1: by Kent (new) - added it

Kent Guess what, this is in no way the Bush regime but a reflection of the current Obama administration. This is exactly what the Populist Party ideals are all about; make the "rich" pay and give it to the poor; however, once in office all of the rhetoric and nonsense leaves and the realities set in.
Offer something for nothing and many will grab it our of self-interest objectives. "vote of me and get $5,000." "Vote for me and I will tax those rich, Wall Street types and pass it along to you as a redistribution."
Give the government an inch and there is no limit as to what they will take, with our money

Kelsey Interesting choice of forum for a political debate. I am sorry you dislike Obama. The good thing is that since you and I don't know each other, disagreeing on this won't harm our relationship.
I would, however, have prefered your rant include references to the book. You know, the BOOK, that we are here on Good Reads to discuss. Oh, nevermind.

message 3: by Kent (new) - added it

Kent Actually, I don't dislike Obama. I was really just commenting on your comment of it being "the Bush regime." I appreciate that the parallels are enormous with much of what we are experiencing today, especially in light of the recent adoption of a Bill that is in a rather big dispute and not being well received. The reason I commented on the Bush statement is that he was far from this, and the Long/Windrip character is that of a Populist, where in lies the issue. Reading this book just evoked such obvious realities of how media, misinformation and mass hysteria can lead many to make decisions that they would otherwise not make.
That was all, not meaning to suggest otherwise.
As for "rant," it is easy to regurgitate the matters within someone else's pages; however, to put those ideas into a context where it has relevance to other situations, elevates the writings to higher levels; however, I didn't mean to come across as "ranting."

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