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Burying Water by K.A. Tucker
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it was amazing
bookshelves: arc, 5-stars, 2014, romantic-suspense, new-adult, forbidden-love

5 "the truth, like water, always rises to the top" stars! What an emotional journey! This romance will convince you that what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. Moreover, you will be left questioning just how far you'd go to save someone you love. Would you lie? Cheat? Give up everything you ever thought you wanted? Walk away? Nonetheless, when a love is destined to be, can any actions, no matter how extreme and resolute, ever truly end it? Proving the saying that starts with "if you love something set it free", Burying Water is an inspiring story of survival and fate.

Imagine waking up, after having been raped and left for dead, with absolutely no memory of your past . . . not even your name. These are the dire circumstances that "Jane Doe", who later symbolically renames herself "Water", wakes up to. Fortunately for her, in a situation where she could have otherwise found herself utterly alone, she instead over the 3 months she spends in the hospital recovering, develops a relationship with several of the small town residents of Sisters, Oregon who help her establish a new life.

Chief among them are her doctor, Meredith Alwood, and her husband, Gabe Welles, the town's sheriff, who together convince Water to stay with their elderly neighbor, Ginny Fitzgerald, once she is discharged from the hospital. Over time Water develops a special relationship with Ginny. Mysteriously, however, the one person that Ginny warns Water to stay away from is Meredith's and Gabe's son, Jesse Welles. So why is it that no matter the warnings, Water can't help but feel drawn to Jesse in a strangely, familiar way?

Jesse knows that he should stay away, but like a moth to a flame, he also is unable to steer clear of Water. Even convinced that her safety and happiness hangs in the balance, and that his nearness could trigger her memory, he can't help himself.

Can true love be denied? Moreover, can it survive the onslaught that the surfacing of the truth, like water, will no doubt unleash?

I wish I could say more--there really is so much that this novel stirred within me--but this is truly one of those reads, where the less you know going into it, the more profound the experience. Suffice it to say, that Ms. Tucker has impressed me so much with her writing, both in this novel and in her Ten Tiny Breaths series, that she has now earned a well deserved, spot on my auto-buy list!

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Beverly I loved this one too!

Amy | Foxy Blogs Yay! Glad you loved this one too. I finished it yesterday (or maybe the day before). ❤️❤️
Looking forward to your full review

message 3: by Bj (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bj Thank you Beverly and Amy! KA Tucker puts out another hit: )

message 4: by Pam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pam Great review, Bj :)

message 5: by Bj (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bj Thank you Pam!

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